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November 30, 2005

Cover Page-11/30

This portfolio is a compilation of reflections and blogs from November 7, 2005 to November 30, 2005.

Kindertransport was by far my favorite play this semester.It also generated a lot of discussion. It is an example of coverage, depth, and discussions.

I really enjoyed a line from this play. It is an example of depth, coverage, and timelieness.

In this entry I discuss one of the major characters. It is an example of timelieness, depth, and coverage.

In this entry I questioned stage directions and the audience's perceptions. It is an example of depth, timeliness, and coverage.

I had a lot of trouble with this play.It is an example of coverage and timeliness.

I thought that the comments the doctors made in this play were interesting and I hoped to never hear my doctors talk like this! It is an example of depth, coverage, and timeliness.

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