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November 13, 2005

Cover Page 3-Newswriting.

I have compiled the following list of blog entries that demonstrate my ability to comprehend and discuss the assigned reading from 10/24/05 to 11/7/05.

In the first entry, I realized that feature news writing is a lot more like the writing that I am used to. This is an example of coverage.


In this entry I realized that all of the things that we have read thus far say the same thing-negative stories are more liked by readers than optimistic stories. This is an example of coverage.


This entry was a result of the first oral presentations in class and the debate we had in class over who was "bad." In this entry, I made a conclusion. Neither the scientists nor the journalists are bad-as long as they both do their jobs. This is an example of coverage.


This entry is an example of depth, coverage, and timelieness. I question the use of proxies and whether there are any statistics that can be trusted. I also give the authors credit for doing their jobs well.


In this entry, I question the use of polls and ask whether there is any such thing as a "non-biased poll." This is an example of depth and coverage.


In this entry, I discussed the issu of crimes and how there is no way to tell how many crimes are committed. This is an example of timeliness, discussion, depth, and coverage.


In this entry, I asked whether there are any positive statistics used, and decide to go on a search to look for some. This is an example of depth and coverage.


In this entry I talked about details and how I liked the idea of using details as opposed to a word to convey a point. It is an example of timeliness, depth, coverage, and discussions.


I commented on Denamarie's blog and participated in a discussion about how people love drama.


I participated in a discussion on Chris' blog about how if newswriting were subjective, it would be horrible to read.


Comment primo on Dena's blog!


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