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November 7, 2005

Cover Page-Drama

For those of you who aren't familiar with a blogging portfolio, I have compiled the following list of entries that I thought were important to my blogging development. They date from October 3, 2005 to November 7, 2005. Please keep in mind Dr. Jerz that I had knee surgery on October 4 and was not able to provide my best work.

The first entry is on a play that I have read many times in the past. It is an example of coverage, depth, and discussions.

This second entry was right in the middle of my surgery week, so I kind of had to fend for myself when reading this play. Thank goodness for your notes Dr. Jerz. It is an example of coverage and discussions.

The third entry was also the week that I was out of class. It is an example of timeliness and coverage.

The fourth entry generated a lot of really good conversation. It is an example of coverage,timeliness, and discussions.

Hamlet is one of my favorite plays from Shakespeare. I also studied this in high school and it was nice to hear what other people thought about it. It is an example of coverage, depth, and timeliness.

It was interesting to hear about the views of an African tribe on Hamlet. It is an example of timeliness, coverage, and depth.

I had a very hard time with this play. I was searching too hard and looking for some hidden meaning that simply was not there. Thanks to the conversation back and forth between Dr. Jerz and myself, I made some connection. This is an example of timeliness, discussions, and coverage.

I really enjoyed this play. This entry also generated a lot of conversation. It is an example of timeliness, coverage, depth, and discussions.

The ending of this play generated a lot of emotion and opinions of the characters. It is an example of timeliness, depth, and coverage.

This last play was the best play we have read thus far (in my opinion of course). I had such a powerful response to it. My entry also generated a lot of conversation about people feeling the same as I do. It is an example of timlieness, depth, coverage, and discussions.

I commented on Andy's blog and participated in a large conversation.

Comment primo on Denamarie's blog!

I also commented on Sean's blog. This was another heated conversation.

Another comment primo on Dena's blog!

Can you beleive it Dr. Jerz? My wildcard is an entry from Newswriting!
This is actually something that I feel is important for news consumers. It also generated some conversation.

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