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November 3, 2005


Williams, The Glass Menagerie (Finish) -- Drama as Literature (EL 250)

Tom: Iím a member.
Jim: The Union of Merchant Seamen.
Tom: I paid my dues this month, instead of the light bill.
Jim: You will regret it when they turn the lights off.
Tom: I wonít be here.
Jim: How about your mother?
Tom: Iím like my father. The bastard son of a bastard! See hoe he grins? And heís been absent going on sixteen years now!

Can I express to any of you how bad I wanted to jump into this play at this moment and punch Tom right in his face? I understand that his mother is a bit much to handle and that she tries to control his every move, but IT IS STILL HIS MOTHER! and Laura is still his helpless sister! How could he do that to them? Especially Laura! I know that his ending speech shows that he does care about Laura, but at this point, I seriously could not believe how much of a jerk he was. Throughout the whole play before this comment, I kind of sympathized with Tom. I couldn't stand Amanda. But as the play went on, I began to see how desperate Amanda truly is. She's scared. She doesn't want to not be supported, and she certainly doesn't want Laura to not be cared for and supported. I said in my previous blog that I was unsure about Amanda's true intentions for her children, but seeing all that she went through to make things look nice for Jim (for Laura) and at the end of the play, how she comforts Laura gently, showed me that she truly does want what is best for her children.

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