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November 1, 2005

Williams, The Glass Menagerie (Scenes 1-5) -- Drama as Literature (EL 250)

"In memory everything seems to happen to music."

I like this line from the intro. It's so true. There are so many times that we'll hear a song on the radio that we haven't heard for a while, and we go immediately back to a certain time or memory. I can pretty much pin point the exact year that a song came out because of the memories that come back.

Also, did anyone else see a lot of similarities to Machinal? Amanda and her comments and actions toward her children remind me a lot of the Mother in Machinal. Also, Laura's nervousness kind of reminds me of Young Woman. I don't know, just a thought.

Posted by CheraPupi at November 1, 2005 3:07 PM


I never looked at the way Amanda harrassed her children as the mother from Machinal. there is this theme of getting your children to do what you could not do with these mother's. It's kind of a drag.

Posted by: Rachel Prichard at November 1, 2005 7:08 PM

There are many similarites between Machinal and The Glass Manegerie. But there is also one difference. In Machinal, the Young Woman eventually convinces herself that marriage is the only way to prosperity. The scences from Machinal that we have read so far...even though she may not be a strong character I feel that she won't be broken into that spirit.

Posted by: KevinHinton at November 1, 2005 5:33 PM

Haha nooo. Believe me, I know from first had experience, mother does NOT always know best. She may believe that she does, and she may beleive that she is trying to do what's best for her children, but the fact of the matter is, she's human.

Posted by: Chera Pupi at November 1, 2005 3:36 PM

Yeah Chera, you're right there are a lot of similarities with this play and Machinal. Especially the way the mother is trying to throw her daughter out to the first man to come along. Sometimes, I guess, mother doesn't always know best.

Posted by: Sean at November 1, 2005 3:22 PM

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