September 25, 2000

Attention WFTI (Jerz) Students - Weblog Portfolio - Important!

This entry is intended for use by all of my coursemates from Dr. Jerz' Writing for the Internet class. If you are in this class, PLEASE READ this entry.

Remember that Weblog Portfolio that's due Oct. 15? Well, in order to make things easier on all of us, I am attempting to set up some kind of correspondence so we can start gathering material for the portfolio.

Hey everyone, Chris Ulicne here.

I'm writing this because the due date for the weblog portfolio for Jerz' class is quickly approaching. If anyone would like to set up a date/time with me or with anyone else from class, use the comments space for this entry to do so.

Also, if at all possible, I think that it would be helpful if, as a class, we set up a date/time when all (or at least most) of us would be available, and we would spend an hour or two referring each other to interesting blog posts and commenting on each others weblogs to generate content for the portfolio. If anyone has any suggestions for this date/time, please post them here as well.

For this portfolio, as I understand it, the following types of peer-relational blogging are required (or at least recommended, by Dr. Jerz):

Comments/entries that respond to the blog entries posted by those who have done Student Panels.

Comments/entries that build upon the research of others in order to further our understanding of the topic.

Comments/entries that demonstrate that in-depth conversations about the literary topics discussed in (or out) of class took place.

Be the first to post a comment to a coursemate's blogging entry, in order to launch one of the conversations just described.

Write in-depth comments (including URLs of related entries) to peers' blogs entries.

If you notice someone who mentioned something you know more about, offer your knowledge in a comment (or a new blog entry, preferrably with a link in the original entry leading to yours).

Post links on your own blog and on others' (via comments) that lead visitors to the in-depth stuff, the conversations and discussions that are ongoing.


Below, I have provided a list of links to all of the most interesting or most controversial topics we've discussed in class. I have tried to include a link to at least one topic from everyone's weblogs, in order to help everyone get attention for this portfolio.

These are, by no means, all of the blog entries that should be commented on extensively. Try looking through everyone's weblogs on your own, to discover other topics that you find interesting; then, post links to those discussions here, if you'd like, to make it easier for the conversation to grow.

Interactive Fiction:

Hypertext Fiction:

History of the PC (and its components):

9/11 and Blogging:


Story-driven Video Games:



Blogging (in general):

NOTE: I didn't include links to my own entries, because you can probably access them pretty easily from right here. Also, note that this list is only meant to offer direction. These are suggestions for good places where you can get started with your work for the portfolio.

Let's get blogging, then! The more that each of us contributes, the easier we will make this on each other and ourselves.

Posted by ChrisU at September 25, 2000 12:47 PM

I knew you were a nice guy for some reason, besides your name...;-)

I would have been in the JWeb chat rooms, but it didn't work for me. :-( My AIM sn is valerieann9486, just for future reference.

Thank you, Chris!!! :-D

Posted by: Valerie Masciarelli at October 14, 2004 11:58 PM

Thanks SO much Chris for all of your help, not just with the portfolios but with everything for the past few weeks, you deserve a Pulitzer or something haha...see you in class!

Posted by: Rachel at October 14, 2004 08:18 PM

Thank you, Chris! I now have just about everything posted. If anyone needs any last-minute extra resources or needs to discuss any of the class reads, I will be working on my blog all night. I'll see y'all in class!

Posted by: Evan at October 14, 2004 06:40 PM

Actually, the past two nights of these meetings have taught all who attended one important thing...

The JWEB chatrooms are HORRIBLE. Don't bother trying to use them, way too hectic.

Just contact me over AIM. My screen name is cecil1986sk8r. I'll be glad to help start and keep a discussion going on any entry that you find interesting. That goes for all of my classmates... Don't hesitate to send me a message if you need help.

Just in case you're reading this and you didn't get my e-mail: I will be online tonight from 10 PM to 1 AM tomorrow morning, to help with the weblog portfolio. Please come to this "meeting" if you can, the more people that we have online and communicating, the easier it will be to get the work done.

Posted by: ChrisU at October 14, 2004 04:37 PM

Hey Chris, thanx. This is really helping me out and I will be on the jweb chat tonight at 10:30p.m.

Posted by: Ashley at October 14, 2004 04:18 PM

I think everybody should thank Chris many, many times for IMMENSELY aiding in the completion of our portfolios. =D You rock!


Posted by: stormy at October 12, 2004 04:57 PM

Chris, thank you so much for all of the work you put into looking at everyone's blog. You did a great job and I'll be sure to remember this page as I work on my portfolio.

Posted by: Vanessa at October 7, 2004 10:27 AM

Great job, Chris. Everyone benefits from displays of this kind of enthusiasm.

If you blogged something that Chris missed, you might consider posting the URL here.

Posted by: Dennis G. Jerz at October 4, 2004 04:42 PM

hi Chris! Looks like you just saved a lot of people a lot of work! ;c) bet this entry counts as your "xenoblogging" entry! have a fabulous day!

Posted by: moira at October 4, 2004 03:19 PM
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