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The basic building blocks of virtual life

Digitization is the process by which complex units are made simpler by breaking them down into smaller units. (Kirschenbaum, Mechanisms 134)

This passage reminded me of a class discussion earlier in the semester when we were talking about how all life around us is basically like computer code at its core. It's interesting how closely digital code resembles the patterns found in the natural world.

I wish I could think of a thesis statement that tied this concept to the notion of the book as a cultural medium. That's a paper I'd love to write.



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It's made clear that digital does not necessarily mean electronic. Science is digital, in the study of molecules. Analysis in general is breaking down and studying the parts, so I guess that makes it digital as well.

Hiope you can get a theisis out of this book, becuase I certainly won't be able to.

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