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Disillusioned in Doctorow

I was more than a century old, but there was still a kind of magic in having my arm around the warm, fine shoulders of a girl by moonlight, hidden from the hustle of the cleaning teams by the turnstiles, breathing the warm, moist air. ... It was one of her favorite duties, exploring every inch of the rides in her care with the lights on, after the horde of tourists had gone. We both liked to see the underpinnings of the magic. Maybe that was why I kept picking at the relationship. (Doctorow 18)

Unfortunately for Julius, learning the secrets behind "magic" usually ruins it. Once you know how it works, it's not magical anymore.



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Good point Chris. When we find out how things work it sometimes takes away some of the mystery and illusion behind them. Magic tricks are like this in a way. Sometimes I wonder how this applies to us living in such a technologically advanced society. What are things going to be like when there are no mysteries anymore?

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