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Forward Motion ♦ Portfolio 3 ♦ History and Future of the Book

Hi. My name is Chris Ulicne, and I'm a senior at Seton Hill University (SHU). As part of my education at SHU, I have been blogging regularly about my developing appreciation for the history and future of the book, one of the most influential technologies ever invented.

This portfolio is a collection of links to all of the most thoughtful and insightful related entries I've published since my last portfolio. Please feel free to browse through and leave comments on topics that interest you. I'd love the opportunity to engage in further discovery with my readers. If you have any questions or comments you'd like to send to me directly, you can contact me at cecil.chris@gmail.com.


The future of the GUI in gaming - In this entry I discuss the use of text and graphics in user interface design for video games. (Coverage, Timeliness, Depth)

A well-annotated timeline - Here I briefly explain how I developed an appreciation for history. (Coverage, Timeliness)

Peer Presentations - Slot C - In this entry I respond to my peers' presentations on "Conformity and Knowledge in the Mechanical Era." (Coverage, Timeliness, Depth, Interaction)

Racing towards new digital storage solutions - Here I relate a reading about digital storage to a report about the development of a new storage technology. (Coverage)

In digital culture, size matters - In this entry I explain how the size of digital storage devices can affect human behavior. (Coverage)

The basic building blocks of virtual life - Here I relate a reading to a metaphor discussed in class that drew a connection between the building blocks of matter and computer code. (Coverage)

The "illusion of immateriality" - In this entry I briefly describe a possible thesis for my term paper inspired by a reading. (Coverage)

The separation between private and public life in new media - Here I connect a hot debate on another blog to the effects of new media on social perceptions. (Coverage, Depth)

Memory as a currency of power - In this entry I explain how memory empowers in digital culture. (Coverage)

Preserving information: links between digital and oral culture - Here I mention a connection between oral and digital culture. (Coverage)

Disillusioned in Doctorow - In this entry I respond to the notion of understanding "magic" and how it ruins the illusion. (Coverage)

"Robbing from your future self" - Here I ponder the characters' ability to distinguish between their present and future selves despite immortality in Doctorow's Down and Out in the Magic Kingdom. (Coverage, Interaction)

Here are links to some good discussions related to the topic on my peers' blogs in which I participated:

Kayla Sawyer - Aarseth
Jeremy Barrick - EL-336 Aarseth Cybertext Video Texts
Rachel Prichard - EL 336 - Turkle
Daniella Choynowski - The conversion
Rachel Prichard - EL 336 - Kirschenbaum chp1 and 2
Leslie Rodriguez - Kirschenbaum (Preface, Introduction, Ch 1, Ch 2) Informal Reflection...
David Cristello - Hitchhiker


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