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New media careers

Chapters 3-5 of Dan Gillmor's We the Media got me thinking about the value of my education as a New Media Journalism major here at Seton Hill University (SHU).

My experience with different forms of new media -- weblogs, wikis, discussion forums, e-mail, etc. -- puts me into a better position not only for a career in journalism, but for any career in business.

As Gillmor points out in his book, businesses are already using new media for PR purposes, internal communications amongst employees, advertising, networking, and other things. This shift in business will most likely cause a shift in what kinds of people businesses hire -- meaning that those who can demonstrate skill with the different forms of new media will probably have a better chance of getting a job than someone who receives a traditional education in a business field.

Then, of course, you have the effect of new media on journalism, which is already more widely spread and powerful than their effect on other forms of business. The effect on journalism is more exciting, too, because it is starting to take some of the pressures of news reporting off of professional journalists and diffusing them amongst grassroots journalists via the Net. Citizens can also observe and criticize professional journalists more easily, ensuring that the professionals will have an increased awareness of the effects of their work on the people they serve. The Net allows the public to act as a watchdog for the watchdog (journalism).


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Thanks, Andy.

You're right, journalism is an excellent field; in fact, it's one of those fields that gives you the chance to practice skills that anyone would be able to use.

I agree as well. I can really see it now that I've read "We the Media." This kind of grassroots journalism is really growing and in escence building a new type of journalistic foundation. Jobs will be changed as well as people's interest in the news. This is a great field to be entering into and I wish you luck Chris.

You're right Chris. Being familiar with the unlimited possibilities offered us by technology will help us out in almost any career. In one of my Ed classes we noted that in today's world, it is actually more important to have the skills that will enable you access information than the actual knowledge. As Gilmore notes, we can benefit from other's knowledge and now with the technology, we can access it in more ways than ever before, and we can also share our own knowledge more widely than before.

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