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Below Zero Portfolio - Fall 2005, Update #3

This is an update on the previous weblog portfolios that I compiled for Fall 2005. I have included new entries posted since November 13.

I recommend you take a look at the earlier installments of the portfolio:

[Coverage, Depth] BYOM -- Be Your Own Media In this entry, I talk about the impact of new media on grassroots journalism, a topic inspired by one of my journalism textbooks.

[Coverage, Depth, Discussion, Timeliness, Wildcard] New media careers - Here I explain how my experience with new media puts me into a better position to get a business job.

[Coverage] iCan, We can - In this entry, I explain my criticism of the BBC's iCan "political activism" experiment.

[Coverage, Depth] Information Dealers - Here I examine the issue of linking to "bad" material on the Net, and what consequences it can have for both those responsible for the links and those responsible for the "bad" content.

[Coverage, Depth, Discussion, Interaction, Timeliness] Bias of the beholder - In this entry, I examined two opposing sides of the issue of copyrights for entertainment material accessible via the Net, and inspired a lively discussion amongst my classroom peers.

[Coverage, Interaction, Timeliness] Pigeons galore? Not anymore! - Here I linked to a news article in the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review that excelled at demonstrating some of the finer points of feature writing.

[Xenoblogging] David Denninger - We the Media (Ch 10) - Here I left a comment on a peer's blog in which I tried to clarify a textbook topic by giving my own interpretation.

[Xenoblogging] Lorin Schumacher - AP Guide to Newswriting, Ch 12 - Here I left a comment on a peer's blog that added my support to her point about something found in a journalism textbook.

[Xenoblogging] Lorin Schumacher - We the Media, Ch 3-5 - Here I left a comment on a peer's blog that contributed my personal enthusiasm for the new media journalism she discussed in her entry.


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