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Eat my hat!

I recently went to dinner with my family and ate at a sports lounge called Dino's. Now, they claim to have "[a] Relaxed atmosphere, Great food, friendly staff,
and a variety of sports programming [which] make you[r] meal incredible" (note the public abuse of grammar, hurrah); however, from my experience, they didn't quite live up to those expectations in the proper proportion.

No sooner did I sit down at the table before our waitress told me to take my hat off. For those of you who don't know, I am very attached to my hat; I didn't take to kindly to her command (yes, command... she actually refused to leave the table until I removed it). I mean, here I was, trying to enjoy a meal in a "Relaxed atmosphere," and I had a waitress essentially refusing me service because I was wearing a hat.

At first, my dad and I had a good chuckle; we thought she was joking. But no, she got this really serious "conform-or-die" expression on her face, so, I decided to just give in.

Here's the weird part, which our waitress mentioned when questioned further: you're allowed to wear a hat, but only in the bar. What the heck... I have no idea why that is, because you'd think that if a hat were to cause trouble anywhere, for any reason, it would be in the bar. I realize that hats aren't necessarily supposed to be worn indoors (especially in restaurants)... But come on! It's a sports lounge, not the Altitude 95!

Our waitress (and, in fact, all of the waitresses) were decked out in skin-tight tank tops and hind-hugging shorts, for crying out loud... I think that would cause more problems than a hat. Honestly, I think that they do some very selective hiring there... If you know what I mean.

So, I suppose "friendly staff" is accurate, though perhaps they're a bit too friendly.

The food was actually pretty good, and it came out to our table quickly, so I suppose that was a plus. On the other hand, their "variety of sports programming" happened to include an episode of one of those criminal investigation shows, which, in this particular episode, revolved around the dissection of a corpse, in all of its gruesome glory. Hard to enjoy a philly steak sandwich when you're surrounded by 3 or 4 TVs showing blood and guts spilling out of some dead guy.

Oh, wait, it gets better...

Our waitress brought us our check, and then moved onto the table beside us just as we were getting up to leave; a girl at the next table (who looked about my age) was wearing a HAT, and the waitress looked RIGHT AT HER and said NOTHING. I waited, to see if she would do it when she came back with their drinks, but she didn't.

Then, on my way out the door... What did I see in a display case of for-sale Dino's collectibles and memorabilia? A Dino's hat! That stupid dinosaur, plastered on a forbidden article!

Sigh. I don't get it. Oh well.

Anyways, if you plan on eating at Dino's anytime soon, make sure you wear a hat on your way in, just to see if they say anything.

Next time, I'm not taking it off. Those flesh-flaunting waitresses will have to remove it from me by force, because I will refuse.


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I went to Dinos once around 1987 and they would not even let me in the door without removing my hat so I left and went to Hotel Loyal in downtown Latrobe and have never been back to dinos ever. What kind of sports bar/restaurant does not allow hats.

Hi I am one of the former employees at Dinos do your self a favor go to Sharkys the food and service is much better.Better check the wings before you eat them hard to tell where servers had their hands

Yeah, I apologize. I shouldn't have gone off like that and insulted some perfectly nice people.

To be honest, I was just blowing off some steam... and I didn't make a big deal out of this thing until after the waitress did. It was the principle of the thing, I tell you.

Glad to meet a former SHU student.


As a former waitress that worked full-time at Dino's for a few years to support myself and also pay my own college tuition (I am also a Seton Hill alumni), I can tell you a few things:
1) Most of the waitresses working there are very bright & intelligent girls that are going to college, or substitute teachers, and need some extra cash so please don't make false generalizations about any of them unless you actually know them well enough to make negative comments. Even at that, your comments would only apply to the particular one(s) that you know very well, and that would only be your opinion. As a general rule, don't judge a book by it's cover.
2) Dino is a very good employer to work for and he genuinely cares about his employees and customers.
3) The hat thing: Don't read into it too much. Dino comes from a nice, traditional Italian family, like myself, and we were taught old-school good manners growing up—men take off their hats in church and at the dinner table. Not required for ladies to do the same. This rule was not intended to be discriminatory in any way. In addition, guys that wear baseball hats generally inject a rather rowdy element to the otherwise "family" crowd that dines in the restaurant portion of Dino's. Actually, last I heard, the hat rule was abandoned; although, I can't confirm as I haven't been there in a while since I now live and work in New York City.

You really should put more time, energy, and focus into your studies at Seton Hill (studying will take you a lot further in life) rather than complaining about having to take your hat off for an hour to eat a meal. Big deal! In the grand scheme of life, it doesn't really matter. If you want to do "regional activism", you should focus on something that really matters.

Best of luck to you.

I've actually gone to Sharky's Cafe quite a few times with my family... We usually go there to eat with my aunt and uncle and their kids. You're right; I love the food there, delicious. Especially the pizza. :)


I've lived in this area all of my life and I can agree with you on a lot of things. Its weird though because my friends and I went to Dino's a few weeks ago and they didn't have to remove their hats. The dress code doesn't bother me.. EXCEPT the tanktops, which is unsanitary and gross. The service isn't the best except I know a few girls there. Other than that, I get sick off their greasy food, so I usually just go to hang out with some friends. Try Sharky's Cafe... they are a little expensive, but the food and atmosophere is really nice.

Chris-if you know what the waitress's name was, mention that when you call. And your welcome

Dr. Jerz-He's won't become what mine was, though, I think in the coming days, his will. And yes, you are overanalyzing. lol. It wasn't the point of the difference of mens' hats vs womens' hats-it was the point that she made him take it off before he was even waited on, which was quite rude on her part.

Thanks for the phone #, Lou. I'll try calling them sometime.

A "hotbed of regional activism"? Hehe, I don't think it has reached that level... Not yet, anyways.

This kind of stuff happens to me a lot, though, so who knows what else I'll get to rant about...

Now that Chris's blog has become a hotbed for regional activism, I have only one thing to say...

(Dramatic pause.)

Everybody, hold onto your hats!

Seriously, back in ye olde daies of yore, women wore elaborate hats that they pinned into their hair. Men's hats were more functional -- to keep off the rain and soot from the street -- so they were were expected to remove their hats when they came indoors.

But perhaps I'm over-analyzing again. An occupational hazard.

(724) 539-2566

Here's their phone number Chris.

Talk to the manager

It's not so much that the dining experience was terrible... I just found the hat thing annoying, pointless, and discriminatory.

I'm trying to find an e-mail address or something for their restaurant, so I can send a more formal complaint... But with no luck so far.

That sounds odd for Dino's, Chris. I've lived in the GBG/Latrobe area nearl my entire life (first 6 years of my life in Latrobe; 4 years in Greensburg; 2 years in Hempfield; 1/2 year in Vandergrift; 8 1/2 in Greensburg again)

I've went to Dino's and I've never gotten treated like that. My mom know the owner too, and she doesnt recall it being like that. I do remember the slutty dressed waitress, that did turn me off to the restaruant, but I don't remember them being so conformist with hats and stuff.

My advice, don't go there anymore then. lol.

She probably didn't say anything to the girl because she was a girl. I had a teacher in elementary school who always let girls wear hats, but not boys. Years later, I learned that girls *technically* don't have to remove their hats during the national anthem (even though I always do).

I didn't understand why this was so, and it took some old lady from church to explain to me that back in the day, it was ok for women to wear hats in public and not have to remove them because it was considered part of their outfit. I guess some people still have this mindset, including that waitress.

Don't think I'm defending her, though. It sounds like her big production over your hat totally ruined your evening, which definitely ain't cool.

Hmm, really? I think I've still been wearing it a lot... Maybe I'm so used to wearing it all the time that I don't even notice when I'm not.

Sounds like a winner...

You hardly ever wear your hat to class anymore though.

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