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One good quest deserves another

It's been far too long since I've come home to my cozy little corner of the online community.

But rather than babble too much about all that's happened since my departure, I think I'll just get straight to the good stuff.

I've been hunkering down in my little home office here more often than ever recently, all because I'm on a quest. No, I'm not crossing swords with evildoers or standing defiant before a salivating dragon while searching for some sacred bauble (well, not unless you count the occasional bouts in Bethesda's Oblivion).

I'm penning my way through forms and applications and standing defiant before an open mailbox about once a week until I gather the courage to thrust my hopes and dreams within. I've walked through a swamp of booths and flyers and pamphlets that taunt me with visions of the future, and I've negotiated terms of trade with numerous officials on unfamiliar territory.

I am meeting new allies. I am venturing beyond old borders. I am searching for an internship.

At first, it seemed almost hopeless. There were too many paths laid out before me, and they all traveled in different directions. I knew I would never find an internship experience of value if I chose only one. So, I did what college students do best: I split into about ten copies of myself so I could devote myself to at least twice that many daunting tasks. When one round was finished, I started another, and I haven't stopped since I began.

Little by little, I've mapped out the lands I never knew, the places all those different paths took me to. Soon, I think I may at last find the treasure I have been searching for over these past several months.

I'm getting close. I can feel it in my gut. Be it instinct or intuition, I know that I'm headed in the right direction.

I just hope that when I finally reach my destination, I'll remember to take the time to soak in every drop of the experience, because for any real adventurer, the end of one quest is always the start of another.


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