More to Pac-Man than meets the eye...

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"When a ghost looks ahead into the upcoming tile, it must examine the possible exits from that tile to determine a way to proceed" (Pittman).

Jamey Pittman's work (I don't know if it's a long essay, a book, or what?) really made me appreciate Pac-Man and have an even greater appreciation for the complex games of today. So much code and time and effort was put into simply having the ghosts move around the game board that I can scarcely imagine what it takes to make an on-screen avatar in one of today's games move through the perfectly contructed, ornately decorated virtual worlds that programmers create. If I thought it was a challenge to create an interactive poker game in C++, I can't begin to fathom what it takes to design a more complex game experience in an even more complex code than the long outdated C++...


Susan Carmichael said:

The complexities of Pac-Man also make me appreciate game designers more, but what is even more amazing was that Pac-Man was envisioned by one person. Games today have entire teams of designers.

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