Response to Students' Case Studies

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I really enjoyed the video that Matt posted... here is a link in case you missed it:

It provides a brief history of 3-D gaming engines that should interest most gamers. While I maintain the opinion that graphics do not matter all that much as long as a game has tight controls, an interesting premise or story, and just keeps me entertained, they do go a long way in making a game more immersive and fun... as well as helping the title to sell more units!

I also enjoyed Beth Anne's article choice... here is a link:

It ties in nicely with the YouTube video that I chose to post and addresses violence in video games today. I truly feel that, as long as the gamer is a certain age and is mature, that the amount of violence in a video game does not matter. This article gives the opposite point of view... however, there are no studies that can prove a direct correlation between video game violence and real life violence. Scientists cannot prove whether people become violent because of violent video games, or if people play violent video games because some of them already have a violent nature... This is a topic of great interest to me...



Nick said:

I hadn't seen that article on 3D game engines. That's pretty interesting.

As for the USA Today article, it's pretty dated now. There have been lots of more recent studies arguing both sides of the question of whether there is a causal link between video games and youth violence. You can read many of these studies at

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