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*Better Late than Never* - Myspace: The Movie

Myspace: The Movie was a distorted image of what is going on with the internet today. It only supported my opinion of how gullible and unoriginal people can be, even with a computer at their fingertips. The opening scene supported my idea of how people are willing to conform, and become something they are not, just for attention. They need it like a fiend needs crack. The 'blind date' was all about how people are gullible, and how they trust in things they can only see and not experience first-hand. The 'password' excerpt of the movie made me realize how much of a joke Myspace is. It is only a website. People make it out to be a part of their life, which nothing so irrelevent should be. Finally, the part where Tom was heralded for his creation of a website really got under my skin. The guy has practically done nothing. He has made the internet community move backwards. Why give glory to one who has made the dumbest fad in the history of ever, when there are hard-working, educated men who dedicate their lives to do something productive for the internet society?

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