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I am a role-player. There. I said it.

Storytelling in Computer Games
“What’s role playing?”

This is just a n00b question. Role-playing is why I play video games and read books. I imagine myself in the main character's shoes, and make decisions / draw conclusions depending on the environment that surrounds me. I tend to think that role-playing, is more or less the reason why I am a creative writer. When writing, I role-play as the audience. I figure out what I would want to hear or read, and scribble it down.

Role-playing became a huge factor for me in my adolescense. I started out by playing... Dungeons & Dragons (insert feelings of humiliation here). For those who aren't familiar, it is a game where you create your ideal character. It is where there is absolutely *no limit* as to what you can do. You think of something you would like to do in a situation, then you do it. Usually, a player will want a favorable outcome, but sometimes it's just the opposite. That is why I played the game.

Next, I played Star Wars Galaxies, which is an online game from the makers of EverQuest. I pretty much wasted 2 years of my life, building up my character (appropriately named Bill Lumberg) and his skills. I made so many friends through that game, and even went to Massachusetts to visit the one. It built a sense of community in me, and honed on my social skills.

Then, came the ever-popular World of Warcraft. Although I only played for about 4-5 months, I loved the time I spent in Azeroth, the continent where the game takes place. I met new friends, interacted with people, and had fun while doing it. It got to be a little boring in the end, but some day soon, I may go back and pick up where my character left off.

In the present, I am playing Final Fantasy XI. It is a japanese-themed MMORPG, set in the world of Final Fantasy. One of the main reasons I play is because of my brother. He also plays with me. We role-play and be the people we would like to be in an alternate world. It brings out a side in us, that can only be seen through imagination and gaming.

So there ya go, that is what role-playing is, and how it has impacted me. I can honestly say without shame, that video games and the adventures of the characters have influenced the way I write. It sounds weird, but its the truth.


Rock on, fellow roleplayer. Rock on.

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