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Portfolio #1 - How I have grown with the Internet

Hey! My name is Corey and I have been taking a class called "Writing for the Internet". Sounds like a blast, huh? Well, IT IS! When I selected this course, I imagined myself writing online articles and publishing them onto websites. Then, reality kicked in. *Boom!* This class is about blogging and designing webpages, all using your very own powerful writing techniques. Although the class is not what was expected, I kept my mind open and began to actually like the course. Imagine that?

Coverage: These blogs are quick and concise, just how internet publications should be. I feel that these are easy-reads, that expressed how I felt about certain situations, without having the reader spontaneously combust. Here we go!

Having a good title is $$ in the bank.
The meat and potatoes of writing on the Internet.
Life has been altered since 1995 - Are you kidding me?
The generalizations that can be made due to a 'bad' e-mail.
There are precautions that need to be taken when using Myspace.

Depth:Not all of my entries were short and well, exactly to the point. (Three cheers for going on a rant!) Some of these next entries were a tad longer, with more than just a few quick points. I feel that these next blog entries represented the way I was feeling at the time of composition. Ready, set, go!

Teachers going the extra mile: Is it necessary?
Vannevar Bush fortells the future.
Another rule of thumb while writing on the Internet.
A tiny rant about Myspace.
Blurbs - What they are, and how they can help you survive in this cold world.

Timeliness and Discussions:: I am usually a modest misanthrope, but I am pretty proud of some of the conversations that I have sparked up over the course of this class. There are two in particular that people seemed to be interested in, partially because they were blogged way before their deadline. :-)

A new spin on free speech.
My take (as well as Kathleen's opinion) on the reaction of a teacher who was bullied by her students.
My website proposal, and the tips submitted by others, on how to make it a success.

Interaction: Interacting with one another's blogs is a key to having a successful blog of your own. I tried to interact as much as I could throughout the course so far, in order to keep others' blogs, as well as my own, alive and thriving. Down, set, hike!

This blog entry was by Kathleen Walker. It was her reaction to the wild actions taken by a teacher who had been bullied. Kathleen said that it was unprofessional, and I happen to agree to a certain extent. Yet, I think that she forgot that the teacher is a human, with human qualities and reactions. I believe that it was natural for the teacher to act the way she did. It provoked a lot of in-class discussion between she and I, and felt it was my best comment to display interaction.

My Comment Primo: I came in first place when it involved posting a first comment on this blog.

Mike P.'s spin on plagiarism.

The Link Gracious: Mike P.'s blog entry on how the 'fire truck' game changed his view on technology nowadays inspired me to write my entry on how computers affected my life.

Mike P.'s original entry about the Firetruck Game.

An entry that I published, along the same lines as Mike's.

The Comment Grande: Here is a comment where I agreed with Cherie's thoughts on Castro's "Creating a Web Page using HTML". As I wrote it, I made a realization about the book to myself. I concluded that the book did have a lot of uselessness information to it, and it was just a ton of technical jargon, translated into idiocy.

The jargon that is Castro's HTML book.

A Richly Linked Blog Entry: An entry about chapter 11 of Price & Price's "Hot Text" that reveals the key elements of the chapter, with support from some of my peers.

The blog entry that is richly linked.

Wildcard: It's time to get buckwild, baby!!!

This is an example of how the class has helped me. I knew nothing about blurbs beforehand, and thanks to Dr. Jerz, I am aware of what they are, and how they help in writing for this thing we call the Internet.


Corey, you've done a great job demonstrating how you can add your own personality to what would otherwise be just a collection of links. I enjoy the bright, snappy style of your writing -- that kind of thing usually works very well on the web, particularly in a situation like this, where you are presenting for the world links to work that you're proud of. Good job.

Now that we have spent some time getting the basic technical skills established, we'll be able to spend more time on helping you write the stuff that you want to write. But there will be some more unusual twists down the road, as we continue to look at other kinds of online writing. I hope you continue to enjoy the ride.

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