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Upon reflection, I haven't gotten lynched yet.

How to Deliver a Report Without Getting Lynched

"To “explain” it to them is insulting."

This seems to be true in the business world. When things are broken down and spoon fed to a person, they get very uptight and offended about the subject and express it towards the reporter. It comes back to knowing your audience. If you know that they are hungry for information, give them what they need. If they are 'too good' to hear you out, just give them the basics. They will be the ones, in the end, that miss out. When I give reports, I tend to imagine that my audience is very dumb (no offense). I refrain from using big words and technical use of the English language. From my experience, people seem to get a lot out of my presentations, because I cater to them. This is how it should go for online writing as well.

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