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Wikipedia brings joy to my life.

In class on Wednesday, we used Wikipedia to prove some of our theories. All in all, it was a good time for both Mike P. and I.

I started off by Wiki-ing a topic that I happen to know a lot about. I chose the sport of Lacrosse. I read through the entire article. Good. No errors. I re-scanned it, and found that there was a tiny, insignificant flaw. The NCAA Division II level of Lacrosse has 35 teams at the present, not 31. So, I changed it. I checked back today, and to my glee, it hasn't been re-changed. Hooray! I helped out the human race!

Next, I decided to make a Wiki Article about Corey Struss (Yes, I refer to myself in the third person). I had a good time with that. I got to make up this completely ludicrous story of how I came to be, telling nothing but lies the whole way. This experiment made me realize just how easy it is to submit false information, and people may begin to buy it. Now, I pray that someone doesn't do this to me when I am trying to research a topic for one of my classes.

Because of this second experiment, I decided to not use Wikipedia as much. It would really suck if I used it for a paper, and it was all a bunch of lies, and I failed the paper. I think I'll just take my time and actually do the research on the Internet myself. . . Not have Wikipedia do it for me.


Did you check and see if your article is still there? I'm not defending Wikipedia in particular, but they do fairly well on getting rid of that stuff . . .

Haha, glad you had fun with Wikipedia. You "helped out the human race" by changing that lacrosse article--thank you for that, because I am sure to not have known that error. :)

I think it's funny how the people in our class seem to be divided over liking or disliking Wikipedia. Since nothing is all bad or all good, I'm just curious as to why you think Wikipedia is good and/or fun.

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