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I showed that statue who's the boss. . . And it wasn't Tony Danza

I'll state the obvious. Galatea is a well-written program, that actually takes a little bit of thought to play. But that's just it. When I want to play an online game, I want to kill some time, and end up winning (it boosts my confidence).

The fact is, I couldn't win this game. It was hard to understand, and realize who was talking / what you were talking to. At one point, after about 15 minutes of no progress, I got mad. I went to the cheats and walkthroughs for it, and wanted to be brutal. I went with the good 'ol brute force method by knocking her flat on her bum. Lemme tell ya, that relieved some tension.

When I make my IF game, I will know what not to make it like: Galatea. It felt like I was running in circles with hammer-smashed knee caps. From what I could tell, there was no 'good' ending to the game. Any way you come out, you will come out from playing Galatea on the bottom.


Nice Tony Danza ref. Check out "Hold me closer Tony Danza" sometime. =)

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