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Photopia was a different kind of IF game. Kudos!

Photopia was nothing like Galatea. It was smart, funny, and if felt like I really stepped into the shoes of the main character.

By smart, I mean that it understood what I had to say. There wasn't a "magic word" to move on in the story. There were different ways to move on in the story, and not hit the nail right on the head. It was flexible to me, and that is exactly what I needed after playing Galatea. Galatea was pretty dumb. You basically just had to ask the statue about what she said, time after time.

By funny, well, you probably know what I mean. There was humor thrown into the mix, in order to break up the tension / drama. It was also mysterious, in certain ways. I felt compelled to 'beat' the game; a feeling I haven't felt since starting the interactive fiction unit.

The best thing about Photopia was that it actually felt like I was the main character. I made him do things that I would do in the same situations, and sometimes he would actually do it. I also liked the way that character used dialogue that a typical 18-year old kid would use (slang, obscenities, etc.) I could actually *role-play* in this game. That automatically makes it a keeper in my book!


I'm glad you stuck with it. IF is so varied and complex, that the very thing you hate most about it is probably the thing that somebody else loves best. Since there isn't a pre-made commercial mass market for IF, that means authors who work in this genre are mostly doing it for their own pleasure, and that can lead to widely different effects on the reader. Thanks for sharing this effect.

The humor in the games I played I actually found to be rather annoying. (At first I looked for the humorous games because I thought I would like them better.)

In the end the humor in the game just seems to be mocking the player for not being able to figure out how the game works.

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