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Project 2's proposal - Star Wars!!!!!!!!!!!1

I have always had a fascination with the Star Wars series. From my youth, until now, I have probably seen each movie about 10 times. When I realized just how cool Star Wars was, I picked up the game “Star Wars: Galaxies”, a massively multiplayer online role-playing game. It made the series much more expansive to me, revealing history and depth to the story. That is why I want my game to be a spin-off of the Star Wars series.
You will start off as a young man on a desolate island, with just your padawan robes on, and a lightsaber in your hip-pocket. After the character makes a certain amount of moves, a hologram appears in front of him, and it turns out to be Jedi Master Kit Fisto. Thus, the story begins. Master Fisto informs you that your home-world, Dathomir, is being overrun by the imperials!
Kit says that a spice ship will be coming to the planet you are on, somewhere on this island. You should probably hitch a ride with them. As the player explores his surroundings, and after a certain number of moves, the player will hear a ship land, not very smoothly, on the island. Not one single person comes out to greet you. You approach the ship cautiously, aware that your force powers can sense nobody in the ship. You climb up the ladder, to find that the whole crew has been murdered from what appears to be a Kashyyk War-Blade. If there was a wookie on this ship, you would sense it.
The player will go to the control panel, where it lists a handful of planets and their relative coordinates. You must input the coordinates for Dathomir into the console, in order for the story to progress. As you are about to get off this deserted rock, you hear a noise. A sith apprentice has been waiting your arrival as he speaks to you. He turns off his stealth camouflage, and unveils his double-sided blade. You pull out your lightsaber, and the fight of good vs. evil begins…


Corey, this is an ambitious, creative outline. In order for me to help you get a sense of how easy or challenging it will be to code it, I will need to see a transcript that shows exactly what words you want to appear on the screen, and exactly what words you expect the player to type.

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