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The woes of interactive fiction. (MY PLAYLIST!)

Castle Adventure

This was a 15 minute waste of time. I went to the website, and browsed the "Fantasy" genre. I figured that a good interactive fiction game could be made using a fantasy theme, so I tried Castle Adventure. Why not? I like castles, and I like adventures. I ran the game through MS-DOS, and was immediately foreign to the whole interface of the game. Instead of having the game typed out in front of you, and you responding with text, there was an overhead view of your character (a crosshair) and you would have to move him around. I went to a few rooms, explored different levels of the castle, via a hidden spiral staircase, and got gobbled up by an ogre. WTF? At one point in the game, and it was pretty far into the game, I had a choice of going east or west: To my dismay, going west resulted in getting eaten by a horde of ogres... GRRR! It just seems as if the author of the game wants the player to make the right decision every time. It was as if there was no room for trial and error. Sorry, but I just can't play that way.

The Four Symbols

This game was much different than the one I played last. You start outside your home, inspecting it. It looks real trashy and run-down. I then went Northwest, and found myself in the pond area. I unearthed a wooden ducking stool, where the villagers used to drown witches. Scary! Just from this part, I knew that the game had created a certain atmosphere that appealed to me. From my experiences, IF games typically struggle with doing this. I would give this game a very high rating, because it swayed my opinion on IF games. I stepped into the main characters shoes, and got to role-play! :)

The Golden Wombat of Destiny

The Golden Wombat of Destiny sucked. It had a cool name, but it just emphasized the notion to never, and I repeat never judge a book by it's cover. You start out in this 'mangrove swamp', and you can't move, because the branches are in your way. After trying for about 10 minutes to make one progressive move, I gave up. It was a good idea to start the game with a puzzle, but it didn't work out for me. I wanted to know about this *golden wombat*, and maybe how I got in stuck in this swampy mess. This was not a good IF game to play for a person who already despises the whole IF world. (me) :-D

The Golden Flute

Grr... I am having no luck with interactive fiction. This game starts you out on a magical chariot, and your travelling companions include 3 elvaan,1 satyr, 2 fairies, the queen of the sprites, and a wizard. I was ready to have a rave with all these crazy fools. Then I started the actual game. I think the goal was to get to the castle, with your party in tact and in one piece. But, the catch is, that it is impossible to get there! Hooray! Every direction I went, the chariot would crash! ARGH!!! Then it would go on to say "You lose this time. It took you 1 moves to lose." Is it just me, or does the author WANT you to lose? God. Just give me a game where I can catch on to the main storyline in the first few minutes. Thats all I want... please...



From what I can see, then, it looks like you enjoy games that have a good setting to enjoy. That can be something that you emulate in your own game.

Did you check the ratings of these games before you played them?

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