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Your contributions to the Internet could KILL you.

Freedom of speech redefined by blogs.

"In another generation, these students would have simply been users of a computer," Dr. Jerz said. "Now, they are co-creators of the Internet."

"That is both good and bad."

This is a really good quote to summarize how blogging is changing the face of the Internet. Internet users can be compared to torrents. Users of the Internet at first were like leeches. They just absorbed the information that it had, and began to use it in their everyday life. Now, they are like seeders. They are now willing to put their own idea's and thoughts on the Internet, ready and available for anyone to see. I understand how Dr. Jerz says that there is a good and a bad side to it. The positives include;
- Having your own work ready and available for potential employers to see on the Internet.
- Gaining Internet popularity with your ideas.

Then, there are the negatives, mainly putting something on the Internet that you could regret putting up there. For instance, one could post pictures of them partying and having a great time on Facebook, but have an employer see the pictures, and not get the job.

All in all, I guess you just have to be careful with what you are posting. I go by this one rule: If the stuff you are posting isn't suitable for your mom to see, don't post it! GOOD THING MY MOM IS BLIND TEEHEHEHEHE JK! ^^


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Blogging makes us into co-creators of the internet, but the blogging is assigned. So it is more an assigned co-creator title. Do you think that the people who take the time to personalize and go beyond the assigned blogging have a bigger advantage or are they taking away from their professional approach to the internet?

That's a good rule. Of course, it's possible that someone else who is not as forward-thinking might post incriminating photos.

Excellent post. I thought almost the same exact thing as I was eating a bowl of delicious captain crunch and blogging this morning. I also have a mother who can read things. Very good rule.

Diana, that's a good question.

Pretty much every single "Five Page English Essay" exists only because the teacher forced the student to write it. Yet there are millions of bloggers out there who aren't blogging for credit, and even if let's say only tiny fraction -- say a hundred thousand -- ever write about literature, writing, grammar, and the other sorts of things we talk about in this class, that's still a HUGE community of people writing about that subject on their own.

You ask a good question about blog personalization. I've never actively taught how to personalize their blogs, by which I mean I've never taken up class time or assigned points for personalization. I do answer students' questions and I will help them out if they design themselves into a corner and break their blog. So far everyone who has personalized their blog has done so for personal reasons.

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