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An image of pure evil

Shakespeare, King Lear Acts 3-5 -- Jerz: EL150 (Intro to Literary Study)

Edmund: I pant for life: some good I mean to do,
Despite of mine own nature. Quickly send,
Be brief in it, to th' castle; for my writ
Is on the life of Lear and on Cordelia:
Nay, send in time.

Wow. The deception in this play is mind-bending. There is so much backstabbing, so much hatred, so much ... drama! Edmund is as evil as they come. I mean, he gouged his dad's eyes out, and ordered the only two redeeming people in the play (King Lear and Cordelia) to death. It was awesome how Shakespeare showed how evil Goneril and Regan were, by making them compete for the love of a purely evil person. This really contrasted the evil and purity between Cordelia, and her two other sisters. William Shakespeare had little foreshadowing in this play, and it was better that way. All of acts 3-5 were one big puzzle, and it kept me guessing until the very last page.


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I agree this play was like one big telenovella. Filled with backstabbing, lying,adultery, and of course the one good kind character. This play did have a ton of drama, and it was only fair that Edmund, Goneril, and Reagan get there just desert in the end and die.

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