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September 29, 2005

CRAFT First Meeting

The CRAFT club's first meeting will held:

October 5th
@ 2:00 PM
in Admin 408

Any questions, please leave a comment. We hope to see you there!

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September 28, 2005

Crafty Bloggers Unite

Interested in being a CRAFTy blogger? Of course you are!

CRAFTy bloggers can:

If you are interested, please contact moira for more details. (P.S. Dear CRAFT Officers: I'd really like it if you would blog for CRAFTblog. We'll talk!)

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Craft Materials Donations Accepted

Part of our goal in forming CRAFT is to use our newfound skills to create a better community around us. There are several options we will be exploring this semester including:

Donating completed items to various campus organizations for sale in silent auctions (for instance Campus Ministry has a silent auction in December)

Selling completed items in our own silent auction in order to raise money for the cause of our choice.

Donating completed items directly to needy individuals in the community.

Creating a group art project to be displayed and solicit donations, again for the cause of our choice.

Teaching our newfound skills to younger community members in need of mentorship.

If you have suggestions for other ways we can use our CRAFT skills to craft a better world... please leave a comment! And remember: this are just ideas and will need to receive both club and university approval before we can act on these ideas.

Craft supplies can be expensive: If we can get donations either from local crafters with leftover materials or by obtaining sponsorship from a local company, we will have more freedom to create. If you have extra craft supplies you can donate (or loan!) to our club, please let us know!

We need the following items:

If you'd like to make a donation, please contact Moira.

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