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October 28, 2005

Rockin' On the Haunted Hill

Muchas gracias to those of you who came out to the Night on Haunted Hill tonight! We had a great time painting faces and selling friendship bracelets to devils, divas, witches, princesses, pumpkins, slices of pizza, ladybugs, puppies, and so many more! I couldn't resist snapping a few pics... joy!


CRAFT club: chock full of princesses, hippies, & pirates... Rrr!


Even the set-up is CRAFTy!


Look! Princess Vanessa!


Dude, rock on... Sue's a hip hipster!


Ahoy, my maties... better watch your bootie! Bethany the pirate is out for the gold!


Is that a dead flapper? Why, yes, I believe it is!

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Welcome to SHU's CRAFTblog

Seton Hill University's newest club is CRAFT: CReating Art with Fiber Together, a club dedicated to exploring all areas of craft including knitting, crochet, macrame, collages, card-making, sewing, embroidery, silkscreen, scrapbooking and more. The projects explored this semester will depend entirely on the interests of our members and the availability of local experts to instruct us. We will learn and grow together by both learning new crafts and using our skills to instruct others. We will create projects both individually and collectively and use those projects to promote a sense of community and raise awareness for those causes that move us.

By visiting our new CRAFTblog, you can:

CRAFT's first meeting should be held the first week of October. Watch for signs floating around a building near you and/or an update on our blog. If you are interested in joining CRAFT, please leave a comment here or send an email to moira for more information. Let's Get CRAFTy!

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October 23, 2005

Night on Haunted Hill - Saturday

Saturday, October 29th
6:30 - 10 p.m.

If you can paint faces and/or make friendship bracelets this night, leave a comment. Even if you can't stay the whole time, leave a comment saying when you are able to be there. Remember: this is for a good cause, and it will make a bunch of little kids happy (we hope!)

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Night on Haunted Hill - Friday

Friday, October 28th
6:30 - 10 p.m.

If you can paint faces and/or make friendship bracelets this night, leave a comment. Even if you can't stay the whole time, leave a comment saying when you are able to be there. Remember: this is for a good cause, and it will make a bunch of little kids happy (we hope!)

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October 19, 2005

It's curtains for me

That's right, everybody. It's curtains: absolutely "coitins" for me (think of those mobsters from the Bugs Bunny cartoons with rich New York accents saying "curtains"--"coitins" seems about right, don't you think?)

And here they are:

My room here on campus is a bit frigid, since the heat hasn't been turned on yet. So, over break, I decided to break out my beloved sewing machine and make some double-thick, pink flannel curtains. With ribbon, of course.

The funniest thing about these curtains, though, is that when the sun shines through them there is a warm red glow filling the room. It scared me at first because I hadn't thought about what it would look like with the sunlight coming through! It can't penetrate them, so it just glows. They do brighten the place up a bit!

I just thought that I'd share this here on CRAFT since I felt so creative when I was making them. It felt so good to relax with my foot on the pedal of my sewing machine! I hope everyone else had a great break and got to CRAFT a little :-)

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October 16, 2005

Craft Club Meeting Update

My apologies to anyone who didn't see the blog about
the meeting on Thursday being changed! Forgive me?

Our first CRAFT session will be this Thursday evening
at 8:30(ish) in Admin 407. Bring yarn & knitting
needles if you have 'em. If you have enough to share,
that's super! If you don't have knitting needles,
don't worry; you'll be able to borrow a pair.

We'll be discussing the upcoming Night on Haunted Hill
(if you can't make the meeting Thursday but can
participate in NHH, please email me.) and, I hope,
practicing face painting on willing victims, er,
volunteers. If you have completed knitting projects
you'd like to share, please bring 'em! We'll do some
knitting basics as well as advanced stuff for
experienced knitters.

It should be a rockin' cool evening. If you are
interested in providing snacks and/or music for us to
listen to whilst crafting, please let me know. If you
think you'll be there, can you email me so I have an
idea of who to expect? Thanks! Have a super break!

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October 13, 2005

Hooking Up the Knitters

So, after successfully saving a lost stitch from a friend's scarf, I've been thinking: I really need to get myself a crochet hook.

I have no idea how to crochet. I knit. But if you lose a stitch when you knit the best way to wriggle the little bugger back into the weave is to use a foreign tool: the crochet hook. I've always just used my mother's, but, like many things at college (whilst being "on my own"), I can't just holler for mom!

On another note, concerning purchases, how many people belong to some sort of email list or store discount program? For example, I get emails from JoAnn.com for certain percentages off purchases and shipping. Does anyone have punch cards or those little mini keychain cards to stores like Michael's or JoAnn? (I'm only assuming that they do the card thing because they're more mainstream.)

I thought that, if we all agreed, we could make personal purchases (since the club can't obviously supply everything!) using discount cards and coupons in large orders so we'd save on shipping, tax, and possibly get bigger discounts (because sometimes the more you spend the better the deal!).

Any thoughts on that? I was just thinking it might be nice to share the wealth. Er, um, share the opportunity to save some wealth? Oh, you know what I mean :-)

Anyone want to go in on a set of crochet hooks with me? Splitting cost and supplies is cool with me!

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October 10, 2005

Craft Meetings Scheduled

Here's a list of our next meeting times:

Thursday 10/20 - 8:30 - 11 p.m. in A 407 (craft night)*
Sunday 10/23 - 6 - 8 p.m. in A 410 (craft night)
Thursday 10/27 - 8:30 - 11 p.m. in A 410 (craft night)
Wednesday 11/02 - 2 - 3 p.m. in A 308 (this will be another planning meeting)

* This meeting has been changed due to midterms and October break. This is the correct date / time. The original meeting was going to be held on the 13th. We'll have our first craft session after the break.

We'll be preparing for the Night on Haunted Hill IV at our first two meetings which means making friendship bracelets and practicing face painting designs. We'll also be starting knitting, but our focus will be on the Halloween event to start.

Do these dates work for you? I think we'll be doing knitting to start since it since lots of you had an interest in that and materials are fairly easy to come by (thanks, especially, to generous donations by Karissa's grammy and Cheryl Martin).

Remember: It's not required that you come to all of these meetings. We have three craft sessions in the hopes that everyone can make it to at least one of them. Come to one or come to all of them: It's up to you.

Our Wednesday planning meetings will be held once a month or so and used to shape the direction our club is following and to ensure we accomplish all we're setting out to accomplish. Bethany will be taking minutes for our Wednesday meetings so if you can't be there, make sure to track her down! ;c)

We will also be using our CRAFT night time to talk about our goals, aims, and aspirations for the club, including possible project ideas, meeting formats, and so much more. Think of it as a Meet and Greet of Craft. Snacks will be provided!

(Interested in providing a snack? Leave a comment!)

If you can make one or more of these meetings, please leave a comment so we can have some sort of idea of how many people to expect.

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Attention Crafty bloggers

Calling all crafty blogsters: You are all set up and ready to go!

If you already had a blog on the system, you know the drill: when you log in again, you'll see the CRAFT blog listed as one of your blogs. Please try posting (maybe an introduction about yourself, some cool craft you are working on, how you first learned to love craft?) so we can make sure everything is okay.

If you have problems (and it's inevitable!) please contact me and I'll help. If you are interested in blogging and didn't sign up, please email me. Remember: this blogging is not required. It's for fun! Let's Get Crafty!

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Ghoulish Face Painting: Next on the Hill


Seton Hill's Make-A-Wish Club has invited the CRAFT club to participate in the Night on Haunted Hill IV on Friday and Saturday, October 28 & 29 from 6:30 - 10:00 p.m. The clubs involved run booths with different games or activities. The Make-A-Wish club sells tickets for 25 cents each, our activities cost anywhere from 1 - 4 tickets each, and the proceeds are split between the two organizations. (For each ticket, we get 10 cents and the Make-A-Wish club gets 15). The trick is that our club must provide the materials, and the activities are aimed at children from kindergarten through 6th grade.

So... apparently this is a hot event and all the cool booths are snagged up faster than you can say, "Rockstar!" leaving all the stragglers to do the boring activities. So, after consulting with whatever CRAFT members I could snag before 6 o'clock, I took the initiative and signed us up for the event. We lucked out: the CRAFT club will be providing all of the lovely face-painting for the event as well as selling pretty friendship bracelets for all the little kiddies.

I figure face painting will be a lot of fun and, better yet, cheap cuz all we'll need is some tempra paint (I think!) and to whip up a bunch of friendship bracelets at our next meeting. Vanessa says she has some embroidery floss, and both she and Bethany are experienced face painters. I have practically a lifetime supply of hemp and beads and will raid my mother's closet this weekend. etc.

If you are interested in participating, even if you can only be there one night or for an hour or so each night, whatever, please reply so we can make up some kind of schedule. We had about 20 people at our meeting so I'm sure we'll have plenty of people able to join us. If you have any ideas, suggestions, experience with face paint or friendship bracelets, etc... please get in touch.

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I've been craftin' via the internet lately: Surfing to find cool project ideas and fellow crafters. I figured I'd share some of the random craft links I've found lately, in hopes that you will be inspired to post some of your own finds:

And Knitting: True Confessions of a Novice Knitter This blogs details one person's experience with learning how to knit. Might be nice for all you newbie knitters to see how far she's come (meaning: you can do it too!).

Madgeworld - Madge's blog has been featured in the Tribune Review, her products can be found in all the coolest Pittsburgh boutiques, and Madge is a rockstar of the finest quality. (I heard her sing years ago - she was fabulous!) Madge has made a career of CRAFT -- truly an inspiration!

Crafty Chica - Scour this page for crazy cool craft ideas: If you find something you like, maybe we can work it in as a project for CRAFT! (I'm digging the flirty girl necklaces and self-portrait collage!!!)

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October 6, 2005

Bursting at the Seams!

Hello CRAFT blogging audience! How thrilling is it to combine two things that I absolutely love--blogging and crafting--into one insanely creative experience?! I am thoroughly excited.

My name is Karissa Kilgore, and I'm linking to my own blog here. If you want to learn more about me, check my "About Me" page on there--that saves space here! And that's just for fun 'cause what blogging isn't? :-)

I'd like to thank Moira for having the idea and spunk to get this club going! Certainly our club's presence at SHU is going to be felt once we really get crackin'.

I'd also like to link to my friend Natasha's blog--she's the one that Moira mentioned yesterday at the meeting. She is AWESOME. Check out some of her work and some of her beautiful spun and dyed yarn.

I'm a knitter--hands down, but I also love to sew. I make purses and some clothes for myself, but I don't seem to have enough patience to follow patterns for that sort of thing. Maybe I should learn how to do that... Most things I just make up as I go along, visualizing the final product in order to make it. I'd also like to learn crochet and any other skills I can acquire from our lovely group.

I'm so glad to have met all of you, and I really can't wait to see what we can do--I'm practically bursting at the seams (which is something I'll have to refrain from doing once we start making things 'cause you can't have me just going around busting seams on everything just because I'm excited. Okay, I know I'm exaggerating... tis my nature at times!). But really, I'm just a -tad- excited...

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October 5, 2005

Mission Statement / Purpose

Creating a community of would-be fiber artists who will create projects both individually and collectively using a variety of fiber working methods like knitting, crocheting, sewing, macrame, and other traditional and/or innovative techniques. In turn, our community will seek to use our creations to create a better community around us through donations, fund-raisers, and beautification projects.

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First Meeting, CRAFTastic!

Today's first meeting was a SMASHING success!!! Every seat in the room was taken -- who would have thought? It was thrilling to meet new people and even more thrilling to know that all of us have an intense desire to get CRAFTy. THANK YOU FOR ATTENDING!!!

Remember: If you are interested in being a CRAFTblogger, drop me a line or leave a comment here. CRAFTbloggers are the coolest of the cool, of course. This space will be an excellent place for CRAFTsters to communicate outside of meetings. Please leave comments and share your ideas... SHU's CRAFTblog is a friendly place!

If you already signed up to be a CRAFTblogger, you will be granted access to this magickal wonderland very soon, promise. If you have questions, comments, suggestions, or whatever, please let us know. CRAFT is your club and we need you to help it grow!

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