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November 20, 2005

Christmas Crafting and More

(Since my email isn't working, I'm posting this here first.)

Dear Crafty Folk,

Greetings and salutations! Guess what? We are now up to 28 members! How rockin' is that? Interestingly, our last three newest members are all named Sarah. Is this some sort of trend?


The auction is November 30th and December 1st; I think it would be superfly if the CRAFT club could donate some items for the event. Sue suggested making Christmas ornaments using clear glass balls with paint swirled inside with a snazzy bow. If we do that, we will need to get together sometime between now and the 28th in order to make them. If we don't do that, we can make ornaments on December 8th. Let me know if you are interested.

I was thinking if every one would make something, whether it's a scarf, Christmas card, ornament whatever


Donate a craft item to add into making a CRAFT gift basket (great idea, Remlee!) that would be super. Donations could include: gift certificate to a craft store (like $5 tops), a set of knitting needles, yarn, ribbon, scissors, measuring tape, a small sewing kit, a crochet hook, glitter, glue, scrapbook paper, or anything you'd be thrilled to get in a crafty gift basket, etc. which can then be put together into a fancy looking gift basket. Anyone have any opinons or ideas about that? Can anyone help put this together?


Next planning meeting - November 30th @ 2 p.m. in A 408 (This location has been changed!). We need to have all donations for Campus Ministry's silent auction by then at the latest.

Craft nights - December 1st & 8th, 8:30 PM, A410

Party time?

Anyone interested in having a CRAFT night during finals week? We could have a CRAFT end-of-semester party on December 15th or 16th if anyone is interested. We could get pizza and make holiday cards. If you are interested, please reply to this email so I can start planning! Amy Weir, of Patty Weir's Paperbacks, might be able to come in and help us make scrapbook-style greeting cards if we are interested. Anyone?

Winter Break / J - Term CRAFT Sessions

If you are interested in having CRAFT meetings during winter break or J-Term, let me know! If you will be in the area, drop me a line? I'm hoping we'll have some "squares" to sew together plus we can make, I don't know, crafty snowmen or something? ;c)

COMMUNITY UNITY QUILT - because it sounds so cool

We are collecting 7 x 9 inch squares from CRAFT members and community members in order to create a quilt. See the previous entry for more details.

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November 17, 2005

Community Quilt

CRAFT club community quilt

Seton Hill Universityís CRAFT club is collecting 7 x 9 inch sections for a quilt we are creating in order to foster community unity and make a difference in our circles of influence. These segments, which we hope will be donated to us by a variety of campus and community members, can be knitted or crocheted in any patterns or style in any colors of the rainbow. They can be striped, solid, or any color pattern you choose.

When you place your donation in one of the donation boxes around campus (near the first floor Admin elevator, by Maureen Vissatís office in Canevin, by the SHU Writing Center, or via campus mail to box 126B), please include your name, address, email address, and type of fiber used (i.e. synthetic vs. natural) attached to your segments on a 3 x 5 notecard (or similar). We will stop collecting donations on December 16th and resume when classes start again in January.

This pieces will be joined together by volunteers in December, January, and February to create one (or several!) quilts in the Warm Up America format to display on campus and then the Mustard Seed Gallery in Greensburg. The quilt(s) will then distributed via a local charitable organization or sold in order to raise proceeds for a local charitable organization. (If you are involved in a local charitable organization, please contact us!)

CRAFT invites community members to donate completed sections and/or yarn and materials and to join us on Thursday nights in A410 to learn how to knit and make segments. Also, volunteers are needed in December, January, and February to piece the quilt together. For more information, visit http://blogs.setonhill.edu/Craft/ or email president Moira Richardson at Ric7122@setonhill.edu.

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November 9, 2005

Meeting Updates - November

Greetings CRAFTsters!

Just a quick note: We have room A 410 reserved tomorrow night for a meeting from 8:30 - 11 pm. Unfortunately, I can't make the meeting so I'm hoping some expert knitters will be able to be there. Sue can knit and should be attending the meeting and so is Kevin. I might be able to stop by later in the evening, but it's all going to depending on how worn out I am by my extraordinarily long day!

Our next official meeting will be next Thursday, same time, same place. Our next planning meeting is Wednesday November 30 at 2 pm.

If you can't make Thursday evening or Wednesday afternoon meetings, please email me with a time that is convenient for you. I don't want anyone to be excluded due to scheduling conflicts!!!

Also, watch your inbox for an email detailing our exciting next project! If you'd like to get CRAFT emails, please leave a comment.

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November 1, 2005

Next Planning Meeting - 11/2

Just a reminder that our next planning meeting is tomorrow in A 308 at 2:00 p.m. We'll talking about knitting (finally!) and other upcoming projects (including Operation Christmas Basket). Come ready to discuss your crafty ideas. If you can't be there, just leave a comment and we'll make sure you know the scoop.

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