The Holocaust claims another generation of victims

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"Although emotions can exist apart from interpersonal interactions and may arise without social and communicational stimulus, they are often an outcome of past, current, or imagined social interactions taking place in the context of interpersonal relationships." pg 176

Wiseman, Hadas, Einate Metzl, and Jacques P. Barber. "Anger, Guilt and Intergenerational Communication of Trauma in the Interpersonal Narratives of Second Generation Holocaust Survivors." American Journal of Orthopsychiatry. 76.2 (2006): 176-184.

 The article explores the psychological affects of the Holocaust on survivors and their sons and daughters. The lack of communication, Wiseman and other say, about trauma-specific events like the Holocaust has caused a mix of anger and guilt in both parties. Survivors tend to be silent on the subject, not wanting to relive it. This "conspiracy of silence" assures that the Holocaust remains distant and detached, the survivors not wanting to admit that the attrocity is a part of them. They believe that their children would grow up normal without knowing of the horrors. The children don't ask, and thus the subject is never brought up.

The lack of Holocaust communcation between the survivors and their children has caused 4 factors to arise in the second generation: anger, guilt, self-consciousness, and hostility.  The children feel too sensative toward the parents and feel protective of them. Therefor, it is difficult to get angry at them. Children can somethimes feel guilty, as though they are the cause of the tension in the family. In many cases, there is double survivor guilt: the parents tranmit their guilt to their children, who in turn fell guilty towards their parents' past sufferings.

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That makes sense. The segment at the beginning of the chapter "Auschwitz: Time Flies" definitely illustrates this fact.

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