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October 28, 2005

Sure Thing vs. Whose Line is it Anyway?

Ives, "Sure Thing" -- Drama as Literature (EL 250)

This whole play reminded me of Whose Line is it Anyway? In a certatin game they play on the show they start off as characters and whenever the host doesn't like a line they say he rings a bell or says change.. I can't remember. I just thought it was so hilarious that it was like that exactly.

I liked this play a lot. I found it enjoyable and entertaining. It wasn't another tragedy that we've read.

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October 27, 2005

Shakespeare in the Bush

Bohannon, "Shakespeare in the Bush" -- Drama as Literature (EL 250)

"You American," sid a friend, "often have difficulty with Shakespeare. He was, after all, a very English poet, and one can easily misinterpret the universe by misunderstanding the particular."

I like this quote. All throughout the text , the tribe was disagreeing and kind of arguing with what Bohannon said. As he tol d the story of Hamlet, they related how the Hamlet play went to their own culture. It was interesting to see what they thought about the play especially since it was written so long ago.

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October 26, 2005

It Ain't Necessarily So (prologue, intro, and Ch. 1)

I actually liked this readin a lot more than the other readins we've had to do. I thought it was entertaining to read. I noticed as soon as I read it that this book was the reason why we did that exercise last Friday. I find it very fascnating on how many times reporters have messed a story up. I never actually realized it.

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October 23, 2005

Hamlet Pt 2

Give me that man
That is not passion's slave, and I will wear him
In my heart's core, ay, in my heart of heart,
As I do thee.--Something too much of this.--

I like this line because to me it shows that Hamlet admires how Horatio is calm right before the play gets performed. I think in the third act it shows that he really isn't all that insane. I think that he shows that he can be both insane and sane too. I also thought it was a clever way to see if his uncle really did kill his father.

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Newswriting article on Friday

Last Friday Dr. Jerz read us this article. I tried to write down as much information as I possible but I just could not remember it all. I became aggravated... not necessarily at anyone, but just in general. I realize that the purpose of that was that when you are at an actual press event or a breaking story, you won't get all the information you want (unless you have a tape recorder thats where you become smart). I didn't have a big article at all. I didn't think it was good. I know he didn't expect it to be the best thing possible (obviously under the circumstances). I'm the type of person that likes to do the best at what is given to me. That, however, wasn't the best lol so it was hard. It was a very valueable thing to teach us. Even if it wasn't worth anything though I still think i could have done better if i got the most important information.

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October 20, 2005


Shakespeare, Hamlet (Acts 1 & 2) -- Drama as Literature (EL 250)

Queen Gertrude: Let not thy mother lose her prayers, Hamlet: I pray thee, stay with us; go not to Wittenberg.

Hamlet: I shall stay in all my best obey you, madam.

King Claudius: Why, 'tis a loving and fair reply...

I think part really explains a lot. Hamlet wants to go to Wittenberg and the king doesn't want him to. The queen also doesn't want him to go so Hamlet stays because the queen wants him to not because of the king. The king is very mean to Hamlet. Hamlet doesn't like him either because he killed his father (hence the ghost).

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October 14, 2005

Blog Portfolio


Tribune Review 10/11

Comment on David Denninger's Blog


Homecoming article

Morgan Spurlock

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October 13, 2005

October 11th Tribune reading

I read a few of the front page articles but the one that got my atteniton right away was the article about the earthquake over in India, Afghanistan, and Pakistan. I didn't even know about this until recently. The reason befhind that is because i don't like to pick up the newspaper or watch the news because all that is on the tv is a bunch of sad stories. Many of the times that I've tried to read the paper, it's been wither biased, political (I'm sorry but I'm not a very political person), stories that are too confusing for me, and/or stories that are sad like this one.

I learned that Pakistan got hit the worst. The death toll is up to 200,000 to 300,000. It was a terrible thing. People were under concrete and haven't had anything to drink for days. People were begging for water and food. A lot of the aid that was suppose to come hasn't come yet but some American helicopters that were in the war came over with some aid. Many countries said that they would help. A few said they wouldn't help. Since winter is approaching fast, aid is needed now more than ever. People were so hungry that they were stealing food from stores that were ruined. It also said in the article that if people didn't get other supplies needed, such as drinking water, then people were at risk of getting pneumonia and diarrhea. It's just a sad thing that these people who are in dire need for aid aren't getting it fast enough

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Morgan Spurlock Info

To get information about Morgan Spurlock was easy. To get different information... tha is the hard part. I looked for information and all of it was basically the same information on every internet site i went to. I printed out some information on it but it didn't help me figure out what I wanted to write about and what angle I wanted to take. It kind of aggravated me because I don't like doing my articles last minute but since I coudn't find anything that sparked an idea in my mind. Because I couldn't figure what to write about, I realized that I had to wait to think of an idea until I actually heard Morgan Spulock speak.

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Homecoming Article

This is kind of a late blog but at least I got it in.

I wrote my Homecoming article on out-of-towners response to homecoming. It was an interesting article to write about because I didn't know how to make my paper work with a bunch of quotes from parents and other famimly members. I didn't really like the challenge of writing this but at the same time I was really happy that I got it done and completed it. When I started out the article I thought it was going to be completely horrible. However, once I got started I realized that it wasn't that hard to write. Before I knew it, the article was flowing and it was becoming easy.

Back at home. we never had a homecoming weekend or anything that was like this. It was usually a football game on a Friday evening with a float from each class. Our school would also have a pep-rally and a bon fire but that would be all in one night. I never saw a homecoming like I saw here. Since I'm not from around here, I thought that it was a very neat idea.

A lot of the families of students had the same response to homecoming. They thought it was nice, they thought he food was really ood, they thought there were plenty of things to do... and the list goes on. Like I said before, I didn't like the challenge of this article but I was happy to get it done and complete it.

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October 12, 2005

The Tragedie Of Doctor Faustus Pt. 2

Faustus: Then in this show let me an actor be,
That this proud Pope may Faustus' cunning see.

This was in the beginning of the text and during this part Faustus wanted to go to Rome but Mephistophilis wanted him to stay. I think during that part he showed that he was acting like a child and he was also being very full of himself. I think he acted like a child because he kept wanting to go to Rome but Mephistophilis did not want him to at that point in time.

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October 10, 2005

The Tragedie of Doctor Faustus

So this is my reflection paper and I have something at the end that I thought about when I was writing it.

Danielle Meyer
Dr Jerz
Drama as Literature
10 October 2005
The Tragedie of Doctor Faustus
I know what part Iím talking about but there are too many lines to have it in here. What I want to talk about in my paper is how Faustus basically cut his arm and sold himself to Lucifer, A.K.A. the devil. But then when you read on a few more pages Faustus doesnít even know what Hell is. I think it is a bit naÔve that he signs his soul off to the devil but he doesnít even know where he is going. If it was me I would have figured out what Hell was and then if I liked it or not I would have signed my soul off. I wouldnít sell my soul to begin with and donít really know who would anyway.
Lorin wrote about how the author used certain words and how she didnít know which meaning of the word to choose. I understand what she means by this. I can remember at least two times that I noticed a word that an author used in a line of their text and that I liked how they used that specific word. I also said that I think they use those certain types of words because they want the reader to think.
Andy wrote in his blog on how he saw comparison between Lucifer and Faustus. I never really realized it until I read his blog but he is very right on that. Lucifer wanted to be like god in a very bad way and in turn became the devil. Faustus wants to sell his soul to the devil without even knowing what Hell is.

I don't know if there really is a reason for this or whatever but I was wondering if there was a reason the this play followed Everyman. There Lucifer wanted to be like God and in this one Faustus is selling his soul to the devil. I didn't know if there was a link between Lucifer wanting to be god then becoming the devil and then Faustus wanting to sell his soul to the devil.I don't know...it just got me thinking.

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October 09, 2005

The Tragedie of Doctor Faustus

I don't exactly know where the exact lines are but in the play Faustus cuts his arm to sell his soul to the devil. I don't understand the point of this. If someone knows the reason behind it can you please tell me?

Anyway so far I really don't like this play so I really have nothing to blog about lol.

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October 07, 2005

Anonymous, York Corpus Christi Plays -- Drama as Literature (EL 250)

One thing before I start is that I apologize for this being in so late. Anyway back to my blog

God: I name you now "Lucifer, Bearer of Light."

I thought it was interesting that Lucifer was called that when later on in the play Cherub, says that Lucifer is "fallen and marred, In Hell to be burned for his prideful intent..." I just like the way the used the word light in this title. Now Bearer of Light does not mean anything.

I like what Andy wrote in his blog about a soldier complaining about pain but they're nailing Jesus to the cross. When I read that, I found it kind of funny and ironic. Andy also talked about irony and I can see where that would be ironic. To me, it's funny because it's like, why would you complain about pain when you're causing someone else pain as well. And the pain your causing them is so much worse than that.

I like the second blog that Rachel did. She talked about how the soldiers didn't realize that what they did would be something VERY important in the future. They didn't realize how big of a thing they were doing.

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October 04, 2005

Fuddy Meers

Limping Man: Oh. I'm thorry, but whenever you thit on my right like thith, you'll have to speak up. I'm deaf in thith ear.

Claire: (yelling into his ear) All right!

Limping Man: I'm altho blind in thith eye.

Claire: Should you be driving

Limping Man: No, but tho long ath they don't catch me,we'll be thuper.

Claire: So long as who doesn't catch you?

Limping Man Pleathe, you're athking too amny quethtions.

Claire: I'm sorry, but that's all I have right now.

I thought that this part was really funny.I mean it is pretty obvious that this play is a cmedy type play. Claire has a serious condition and this part just kind of made me laugh because the Limping Man isn't perfect. I mean, that right there is obvious as the reason why a doorknob should be on a door. And I just thought of something (I don't know if this is just my imagination running wild or maybe it actually has to do with the play) but maybe him saying all the things that are wrong with him kind of symbolizes Claire's amnesia. Like i said I do not know if that is just my mind or whatever lol.

I read in Amanda's blog that she had a hard time reading the text with a character. I felt the same way about Limping man but it didn't drive me crazy. I had to go over what his lines were time and time again but I wasn't going insane or anything. I think because I've had two years of drama experience (where I've had to read Noises Off, which is a hectic play by itself in text) that it was easier for me to read it.

Andy also talked about how Limping Man is a very funny character. I blogged saying that i totally agree saying that if someone like him threatened me, it would be hard not to laugh. It kind of reminded me of Daffy Duck when he talks and spit flies out of his mouth. I just found that kind of entertaining.

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October 03, 2005


There really wasn't one specific line that caught my attention but I didn't understand why Everyman complained about not having a partner along with him on his journey. He complained about Fellowhip backing out.

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Cover sheet for Portfolio



How To Read Literature Like a Professor

A Dolls House

Machinal Pt. 1

Machinal Pt. 2

Dead Man Walking

Oedipus Pt. 1

Oedipus Pt. 2


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machinal Pt. 2

Lawyer of defense: Never one quarrel?
Young woman: No, sir
Lawyer for defense: Six years without one quarrel! Six years! Gentlemen of the jury, I ask you to consider this fact! Six years of married life without a quarrel!
I thought that this part was particularly interesting. I know from personal experience that married people fight all the time. My mom and dad fought when they were together (and that might have been the result of their divorce). And since I lived with my mom after the divorce, I heard her have arguments and big fight with all her significant others after that.
That section also brought out something else that I noticed. Helen should have never told the jury that they never fought at all. That just lets the jury know, without ever having to really guess, that the husband was in control and had the power in the marriage.
I was looking through the blogs to see what everyone posted and I saw that Lorin had around the same quote that I did. She wrote more about ideas she had but I noticed that she wrote what I saw. I agree with everything she wrote in there because it is obvious that she what she thought was right in the sense that I thought that.
I was looking at Lorinís comments and I saw that Chera wrote basically the same thing about Helen doing the wrong thing about telling the jury that she never fought with her husband. I agree with her because I think that because of the fact that she said that, it made the trial go downhill from there.

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Machinal Pt. One

Young Woman: Itís my hands got me a husband.
Mother: A husband? So youíre going to marry him now!
Young Woman: I suppose so.
Mother: If you ainít the craziest Ė
When it came to this area in Machinal, it reminded me so much of A Dollís House. In A Dollís House, Nora marries Torvald because of the money. In this play, the young woman marries the man as well for money. To me though, I felt like it was taken to another level when she had his baby.
I also noticed similarities with the male characters in both plays. Torvald treated Nora like a child as we discussed in class. I also feel that the husband in this play looks at the young woman as she is below him. It is obvious that he loves her but he keeps calling her little lady. That name-calling is not as bad as what Torvald did but at the same time the husband is still using that.
I looked through some of the blogs today when I had free time (mine still isnít working) and I noticed that David was thinking practically the same thing I was. I agree with everything he says and my reasons are stated above. He also said that he found the one-liners annoying. I found the little one-liners annoying as well. It got me kind of angry because I did get so confused and I didnít understand. As angry as I got though I still read it.

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A Dolls House

Helmer. That is like a woman! But seriously, Nora, you know what I think about that. No debt, no borrowing. There can be no freedom or beauty about a home life that depends on borrowing and debt. We two have kept bravely on the straight road so far, and we will go on the same way for the short time longer that there need be any struggle.
Nora [moving towards the stove]. As you please, Torvald.
I found this to remind me so much of Trifles especially when it comes to the sexist comments. In Trifles, Lee does it in an obvious and, in a sense, mean way. But in this play Helmer makes little names for Nora. I am a hopeless romantic and I find that kind of cute. I also see that it is a little demeaning to women.
The way that the play was written makes it seem like the era was back in the early 1900ís. If anyone uses little names for people it is because they named that person that name. We do not use that name in every sentence we speak. In the movies I have seen (and from the stories my relatives, from back in that day of course, have told me) they used ďpet namesĒ in this sense. Maybe if they would have clarified when this play was taking place (like what year) then my views would be different.
Amanda wrote a comment on how he calls her pet names quite frequently throughout the whole play. She also wrote about how he baby talks her. I can see where she is coming from the baby talk idea. To me, it looks like he treats her as if she was his daughter instead of his wife. I also noticed the amount of times he used the numerous names he had for her.

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October 02, 2005

How To Read Literature Like Professor

In the second chapter of "How to Read Literature Like a Professor", it talks about how the meal is the time where people like to eat with someone they're comfortable with. I can see how this would relate to "Heart in the Ground".

Lee and Karen try to have a comfortbale dinner with each other but theres tension and petty arguments going on. It probably would be a comfortable situation if it wasn't like that.

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Mikey: Did you see that Nova SS you used to have? Iíd think youíd be glad to see that beauty again. Didnít your sister roll it or something?

Elmore: I didnít see any fucking cars.

Mickey: What?

Elmore: Did I stutter?

Mikey: You didnít even see your corvette?

Elmore: You wanna know what I saw?

Mikey: Yeah.

Elmore: You wanna know what I saw?

Mikey: Yeah dammit!

Elmore: For a second I though I saw a whole wall of faces staring at meÖ They was all wearing them gladiator helmets, you know like the moviesóbrass and with them red brushes on top. And then I seen a hillside, looked like skull socketsÖ And then I seen my trusty tire iron.

I think this quote I picked has to link with most of the story. Seeing as if I could not write the whole play as a quote I thought this was good enough.
I liked this quote because all along Elmore was calling everyone crazy (and that is putting it in nice terms). He then reluctantly looks into the tire and sees what he saw and is convinced that whatever he was calling crazy was true.
I wrote a blog on the webpage. I talked about someone in the class saying that they thought everyone besides Elmore saw their old cars, and he didnít, it might have meant a higher power. I also wrote that maybe the guys who saw their cars have a future and since Elmore didnít see the cars he used to own that maybe he didnít have a good future ahead of him. It makes me wonder why he couldnít see his old cars and this is one of the things I thought of.
I did not get most of this story but this is one of the few parts (if there really were any) that I understood. It made me think about why he could not see his old cars.

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County Attorney: "You're convinced that there was nothing important here--nothing that would point to any motive"
Sheriff: "Nothing here but kitchen things."
I thought this was an interesting quote because it showed to me that the male investigators did not do a thorough search through the whole house. I also thought that it showed the lack on effort for the male investigators because it was a kitchen.
The Court Attorney character seemed to me like he was convinced that Mrs. Wright killed her husband. If this is so then why didnít they do a detailed investigation of the house? I find that lacking of effort for his part.
Andy commented on my blog stating that the women did not mean to stumble upon the bird and that there was a real motive behind their investigation. But I feel that if since Mr. Wright was murdered in his sleep (and Mrs. Wright, who was sleeping next to him, didnít get woken up when he died) and Mrs. Wright did not know that he died until she found him that would be a serious case to investigate about. The women did discover the dead bird without even looking for it. I feel that they searched in some of the right places. Usually in cases like this, evidence is not in an obvious place.

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