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October 03, 2005

A Dolls House

Helmer. That is like a woman! But seriously, Nora, you know what I think about that. No debt, no borrowing. There can be no freedom or beauty about a home life that depends on borrowing and debt. We two have kept bravely on the straight road so far, and we will go on the same way for the short time longer that there need be any struggle.
Nora [moving towards the stove]. As you please, Torvald.
I found this to remind me so much of Trifles especially when it comes to the sexist comments. In Trifles, Lee does it in an obvious and, in a sense, mean way. But in this play Helmer makes little names for Nora. I am a hopeless romantic and I find that kind of cute. I also see that it is a little demeaning to women.
The way that the play was written makes it seem like the era was back in the early 1900’s. If anyone uses little names for people it is because they named that person that name. We do not use that name in every sentence we speak. In the movies I have seen (and from the stories my relatives, from back in that day of course, have told me) they used “pet names” in this sense. Maybe if they would have clarified when this play was taking place (like what year) then my views would be different.
Amanda wrote a comment on how he calls her pet names quite frequently throughout the whole play. She also wrote about how he baby talks her. I can see where she is coming from the baby talk idea. To me, it looks like he treats her as if she was his daughter instead of his wife. I also noticed the amount of times he used the numerous names he had for her.

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