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October 13, 2005

Homecoming Article

This is kind of a late blog but at least I got it in.

I wrote my Homecoming article on out-of-towners response to homecoming. It was an interesting article to write about because I didn't know how to make my paper work with a bunch of quotes from parents and other famimly members. I didn't really like the challenge of writing this but at the same time I was really happy that I got it done and completed it. When I started out the article I thought it was going to be completely horrible. However, once I got started I realized that it wasn't that hard to write. Before I knew it, the article was flowing and it was becoming easy.

Back at home. we never had a homecoming weekend or anything that was like this. It was usually a football game on a Friday evening with a float from each class. Our school would also have a pep-rally and a bon fire but that would be all in one night. I never saw a homecoming like I saw here. Since I'm not from around here, I thought that it was a very neat idea.

A lot of the families of students had the same response to homecoming. They thought it was nice, they thought he food was really ood, they thought there were plenty of things to do... and the list goes on. Like I said before, I didn't like the challenge of this article but I was happy to get it done and complete it.

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