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October 03, 2005

machinal Pt. 2

Lawyer of defense: Never one quarrel?
Young woman: No, sir
Lawyer for defense: Six years without one quarrel! Six years! Gentlemen of the jury, I ask you to consider this fact! Six years of married life without a quarrel!
I thought that this part was particularly interesting. I know from personal experience that married people fight all the time. My mom and dad fought when they were together (and that might have been the result of their divorce). And since I lived with my mom after the divorce, I heard her have arguments and big fight with all her significant others after that.
That section also brought out something else that I noticed. Helen should have never told the jury that they never fought at all. That just lets the jury know, without ever having to really guess, that the husband was in control and had the power in the marriage.
I was looking through the blogs to see what everyone posted and I saw that Lorin had around the same quote that I did. She wrote more about ideas she had but I noticed that she wrote what I saw. I agree with everything she wrote in there because it is obvious that she what she thought was right in the sense that I thought that.
I was looking at Lorinís comments and I saw that Chera wrote basically the same thing about Helen doing the wrong thing about telling the jury that she never fought with her husband. I agree with her because I think that because of the fact that she said that, it made the trial go downhill from there.

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