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October 03, 2005

Machinal Pt. One

Young Woman: Itís my hands got me a husband.
Mother: A husband? So youíre going to marry him now!
Young Woman: I suppose so.
Mother: If you ainít the craziest Ė
When it came to this area in Machinal, it reminded me so much of A Dollís House. In A Dollís House, Nora marries Torvald because of the money. In this play, the young woman marries the man as well for money. To me though, I felt like it was taken to another level when she had his baby.
I also noticed similarities with the male characters in both plays. Torvald treated Nora like a child as we discussed in class. I also feel that the husband in this play looks at the young woman as she is below him. It is obvious that he loves her but he keeps calling her little lady. That name-calling is not as bad as what Torvald did but at the same time the husband is still using that.
I looked through some of the blogs today when I had free time (mine still isnít working) and I noticed that David was thinking practically the same thing I was. I agree with everything he says and my reasons are stated above. He also said that he found the one-liners annoying. I found the little one-liners annoying as well. It got me kind of angry because I did get so confused and I didnít understand. As angry as I got though I still read it.

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