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October 13, 2005

October 11th Tribune reading

I read a few of the front page articles but the one that got my atteniton right away was the article about the earthquake over in India, Afghanistan, and Pakistan. I didn't even know about this until recently. The reason befhind that is because i don't like to pick up the newspaper or watch the news because all that is on the tv is a bunch of sad stories. Many of the times that I've tried to read the paper, it's been wither biased, political (I'm sorry but I'm not a very political person), stories that are too confusing for me, and/or stories that are sad like this one.

I learned that Pakistan got hit the worst. The death toll is up to 200,000 to 300,000. It was a terrible thing. People were under concrete and haven't had anything to drink for days. People were begging for water and food. A lot of the aid that was suppose to come hasn't come yet but some American helicopters that were in the war came over with some aid. Many countries said that they would help. A few said they wouldn't help. Since winter is approaching fast, aid is needed now more than ever. People were so hungry that they were stealing food from stores that were ruined. It also said in the article that if people didn't get other supplies needed, such as drinking water, then people were at risk of getting pneumonia and diarrhea. It's just a sad thing that these people who are in dire need for aid aren't getting it fast enough

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