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October 02, 2005


Mikey: Did you see that Nova SS you used to have? Iíd think youíd be glad to see that beauty again. Didnít your sister roll it or something?

Elmore: I didnít see any fucking cars.

Mickey: What?

Elmore: Did I stutter?

Mikey: You didnít even see your corvette?

Elmore: You wanna know what I saw?

Mikey: Yeah.

Elmore: You wanna know what I saw?

Mikey: Yeah dammit!

Elmore: For a second I though I saw a whole wall of faces staring at meÖ They was all wearing them gladiator helmets, you know like the moviesóbrass and with them red brushes on top. And then I seen a hillside, looked like skull socketsÖ And then I seen my trusty tire iron.

I think this quote I picked has to link with most of the story. Seeing as if I could not write the whole play as a quote I thought this was good enough.
I liked this quote because all along Elmore was calling everyone crazy (and that is putting it in nice terms). He then reluctantly looks into the tire and sees what he saw and is convinced that whatever he was calling crazy was true.
I wrote a blog on the webpage. I talked about someone in the class saying that they thought everyone besides Elmore saw their old cars, and he didnít, it might have meant a higher power. I also wrote that maybe the guys who saw their cars have a future and since Elmore didnít see the cars he used to own that maybe he didnít have a good future ahead of him. It makes me wonder why he couldnít see his old cars and this is one of the things I thought of.
I did not get most of this story but this is one of the few parts (if there really were any) that I understood. It made me think about why he could not see his old cars.

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