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October 02, 2005


County Attorney: "You're convinced that there was nothing important here--nothing that would point to any motive"
Sheriff: "Nothing here but kitchen things."
I thought this was an interesting quote because it showed to me that the male investigators did not do a thorough search through the whole house. I also thought that it showed the lack on effort for the male investigators because it was a kitchen.
The Court Attorney character seemed to me like he was convinced that Mrs. Wright killed her husband. If this is so then why didnít they do a detailed investigation of the house? I find that lacking of effort for his part.
Andy commented on my blog stating that the women did not mean to stumble upon the bird and that there was a real motive behind their investigation. But I feel that if since Mr. Wright was murdered in his sleep (and Mrs. Wright, who was sleeping next to him, didnít get woken up when he died) and Mrs. Wright did not know that he died until she found him that would be a serious case to investigate about. The women did discover the dead bird without even looking for it. I feel that they searched in some of the right places. Usually in cases like this, evidence is not in an obvious place.

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