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November 30, 2005

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November 17, 2005


Today at dinner time the dinig hall was decorated with Harry Potter memoribilia. The movie comes out tomorrow so that would be the obvious reason as to why. Being a Harry Poter fan myself I thought that it looked great. The third movie, Harry Potter and The Prisoner of Azkaban was playing in the background, all four house flags were hanging and there was black material hanging in the center of the cafeteria. There was also some people dressed up as characters which I thought was nifty. I'm going to the premiere tonight and I know for a fact that people are going to be dressed up. I'm a Harry Potter fan but I'd rather keep my money for things more important lol. I give two thumbs up to the decorations. If this was the Harry Potter dinner I'm wondering what the Thanksigiving dinner is going to be like.

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We the Media (Chap 6 - 8)

"More and more journalism is going to be owned by the audience," said Jeff Jarvis, a prolific blogger, who heads Advance Publications' Advance.net online operation. "That doesn't mean there isn't a palce for pro-journalists, who will always be there - who need to be there - to gather facts, ask questions with some measure of discipline and pull together a larger audience." (111)

I liked this quote in chapter 6 a lot. The way I took this quote was that the audience is going to start turning to be the media as well. Since blogging is starting to become more and more popular (and a lot of blogs are about newsworthy things) then journalism will start to get owned by the audience. Even though the audience is starting to gain some of the journalism light, that doesn't mean that professional journalists won't have jobs.

"No matter which tolls and technologies we embrace, we must maintain core principles, including fairness, accuracy, and thouroughness. These are not afterthoughts. They are essential if professional journalism expects to survive. (134)

I liked this quote from chapter 7 as well. When I was a spohomore in high school, I was in the school newspaper for that year. Now even though it led me to not like writing in a journalistic way, that was a lesson that I learned and have used when I wrote articles for this class. And at the same time, the audience relies on journalists to know what they are talking about. They expect that they check their facts twice and make sure that they are accurate and truthful. Journalists know that is is their job to give the audience the truth. Like we discussed in class not everyone is going to believe that online media is truthful, especially if it comes from bloggers. There is a reason that journalists have a job. It is their job to get the facts, not the audience.

"One of the main criticism of blogs is that so many are self absorbed tripe. No doubt, most are interesting only to the writer, plus some family and friends." (139)

I thought this was just such an ironic quote since it sid its absorbed tripe. In class we talked about people not trusting blogging as much as print journalism because blogging journalism is going to be biased. The blogger will write something that appeals to their interest and other people might not care. That kind of reminds me of people who have livejournals and any other kind of online journal because they write about what they want to. Some people don't really care what people have in their onine journals. That is why I think it is so critical to have journalists know that their job is important and the audience as a society does count on them for newsworthy information to know whats going on across the world.

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We the Media Chap 3 - 5

"Blogging provides a unique means of providing your audience with the human face of your organization. Your customers can read the actual thoughts and opinions of your staff." (71)

I thought this was kind of funny because it reminded me of when the Drama as Literature class has to blog for Dr. Jerz. It's like hes our manager and the students are his faculty workers. He gives us a play to read and we comment on it and leave comments on other peoples blogs as well. I thought that this also linked to my other blog (Intro, and chap 1 and 2) because there I talked about one individual blog. This comment has to do with blogging for a corporation or something of the like. For Drama as Lit class we're all blogging about the same thing. We just have a different thing to talk about but we'll agree (or disagree sometimes) on certain things people say. Blogging is like a conversation just not verbally saying it.

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November 15, 2005

Professor Bernhardi


Adler: And to-morrow the new is the old again. You can't really help it. I also went though all that once. But It gets depressing sometimes to have the grope about in the dark so much.

I didn't understand this play a little but I found it fairly enjoyable. I liked this line. I didn't understand why they had a - in between today and tomorrow but I figured since it was written in another country at a WHOLE other time period that it would be that way. I did find this quote to lead suspicion about anti-semitism. I know some people think that this doesn't relate to this play all that much but there was a few lines in the play that were as follows:

Adler: You were a student under the German Nationalist coliurs.
Kurt: And an anti-semite. That's true professor. I'm still one...

So obviously there was SOME sort of anti-semitism going on around that time and therefore would possibly have an effect on this play.

I also thought that it was a little shady with this direction part:

Sister, unnoticed by Bernhardi, goes into the ward in response to a hardly noticeable flicker of the eyelids on the Priest's part.

That just seemed fishy to me.

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We The Medis Intro, Chap 1 and 2


"What the best individual blogs tend to have in common is voice - they are clearly written by human beings with genuine human passion" 29

I've never had to blog for school before I had Dr. Jerz. The closest thing to it was having an online journal. I think that since I have started blogging it has helped me express my views better with what I'm trying to explain and point out about a certain thing. It is my voice. I like how they said the common voice because the blogs you see today are normal people talking about things that they want to talk about and then having a conversation with someone that they might and might not know that has the same views. I find is fascinating because it kind of reminds me of all these international causes (stop world hunger and etc). They bring so many people in because of it. Blogging is just a simpler way and it can possibly bring in more people since the web is SO big and SOOOO many people come on it.

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November 13, 2005


Wilson, Fences -- Drama as Literature (EL 250)

Troy: You gotta take the crookeds with the straights.

I really liked this play. I didn't understand it at first but when I started reading it I got it. I liked so lines about this play but this is the one I chose. I can relate this to everyday life (and I think everyone else can too). The way I saw it, I looked at this saying that life isn't perfect. There will be many flaws about you and your life and you have to overpower them and get past them successfully to grow. I felt mixed emotions for Troy.

When he said things to Cory like how he doesn't have to love him he just had to raise him, he didn't have to care about him, it reminded me of when I talk to my dad. He'll say I love you and I'll joke around syaing you have to but he'll say I don't have to I choose to. It reminded me SOOO much of that. But at other times I felt bad because he never got to play baseball because he was too old. It made me feel bad for him because that was what he wanted to do more than anything. I think he didn't let his son play football in college because he didn't want to have him become more successful than him. I mean he's a garbage man and his son could become a good football player.

I also thought that he treated his son poorly because his father never really cared for him. His father treated Troy the same exact way Troy treats Cory. Another thing I hated was that he cheated on Rose. There's nothing more I dislike than a cheater. It's just really shallow to me and that made me not like him as a character.

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November 12, 2005

newswriting in class court assignment

Yesterday in Newswriting we did a crime court assignment. I'll admit, I was scared at first when I heard about the assignment. It was actually easier than I thought it was going to be. I wrote more than I thought I would and that made me happy because I didn't think I was going to write a lot. It was actually a little bit challenging to me but I thought it was fun in a way. It made me work under pressure (which I've done well under pressure many times) and I just kept thinking to myself that I had to get this done before 1 when class was over so just focus on the work. I didn't mind this activity (unlike the first time when Dr. Jerz read fast through that one in class assignment that I completely hated)

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Kindertransport the play

I saw Kindertransport on Friday, the 11th. I thought that it was pretty well done. When I read the play for class I didn't expect the set to look the way it would. It still looked good though. I liked how the flashbacks and the present time went together on stage. SOme of the flashbacks were a little hard to believe (when little Eva was on the Kindertransport going to England) but I forced myself to imagine it as a train. The ratcatcher was really good. Even though you don't see him, the voice was good. They had a shadow of him on the wall and the shadow looked really scary in a way.

One thing that did bother me was the English accent of Faith. Lorin said she was the closest to the accent but when she said her "I's" it just made me mad. I know nothing is going to be perfect but it still bothered me.

I LOVED Helga. She made me feel emotional the most. Especially with the part where she says goodbye to Evelyn. It was just so perfect. During that part the audience was so quiet so you could tell that that was a really good scene. I also LOVED her accent. She had such a flowy accent. I just loved everything about her.

Overall I thought it was a really good play. However, I think I got more emotion out of reading the play rather than watch it. I think I got more emotion out of reading it was because when I read something that I REALLY enjoy I make clear pictures in my head of whats going on and I imagine everything in my head to what I'm reading. I think I imagined the emotion more than they portrayed in the play.

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November 11, 2005

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Crime Newswriting Activity

It Ain't... Into, Pro and Ch. 1

It Ain't.. Ch 2 and 3

It Ain't.. Ch 4 and 5


Wildcard about High School news article

It Ain't Ch 6 and 7

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Tribune Review

I found the article with the students and the teachers on strike the most interesting to me. I didn't really get anything else that I read. The picture of the Iraqi officeer holding the dead baby really made me emotional though. I found it kind of morbid in a way but a good way to prove a point (which is what they were doing obiously). It made me think of the families that lost their children and it made me thankful that I'm stil alive and even have a life.

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A Man for All Seasons pt 2

Bolt, A Man for All Seasons -- Drama as Literature (EL 250)

Cromwell: If the King destroys a man, that's proof to the King that it must have been a bad man, the kind of man a man of Consience ought to destroy - and of course a bad mans's blessing's not worth having.

I found this to remind me of Dead Man Walking. I thought of the judge being the King, and The bad man being Matt. I feel that this relates to society today and not just with court cases but every day social life. I didn't really understand this play again (lol) but I saw this small paragraph and it stuck out to me and made me think of society today.

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November 10, 2005

My CST topic

Ex 2-1: CST Application Report -- Drama as Literature (EL 250)

I have an idea in my head on what I want to do but I'm not quite sure if it would work and I'd like to see what people think as well.

The play that I chose to do was Kindertransport. I was thinking of using the Principle of the Common Good. After the quote it says "The common conditions the bishops have in mine presuppose 'respect for the person'..." So what I was thinking of was that Faith to go through her moms things leading to the finding of her past, threfore not respecting her property and not respecting her as a mother. I'm not exactly sure what my argument would be... I could use is it right that she went through her mothers things or was it not and prove points for both sides.

Does this sound good? Please give feedback if you want, I'd really appreciate it!!!!

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November 09, 2005

Two sides (A Man for All Seasons)

Bolt, A Man for All Seasons -- Drama as Literature (EL 250)

Alice: Drink it. Great men get colds in the head just the same as commoners.

I didn't really like this play all that much nor did I really understand what I read so far. I saw this line though and I had to think for a second what this meant. I felt it could mean two things. One it could mean that by her saying great men get head colds just like commoners makes Alice look like she views great men and commoners as equal. But the other way I thought of it was that by Alice saying "colds in the head" could mean something like an illness or mentally challenged person. Like I said I didn't really understand this play so far so I don't know if I'm even right lol.

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November 06, 2005

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Fuddy Meers

York Corpus Christi

Faustus Pt.1

The Glass Menagerie Pt. 1

Sure Thing

Shakespeare in the Bush

Hamlet Pt. 2


Faustus Pt. 2

The Glass Menagerie Pt. 2




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Article from high school newspaper

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Yesterday my boyfriend showed me this article that was published in our high school newspaper that is causing a lot of controversy in the school. It was a commentary article. I will type out what the article said and then I will say what I thought of it.

Nowadays, people throughout the school district view football players as dumb jocks. Is that really true?

Yes, it is. Jocks, nomatter how offensive the name may be, don't always work as hard at academics as the rest of the student body. The ride through on their sports and think that is all that matters. I don't think so.

I am not saying all jocks are like that, but most football players are. Is it some kind of disease n ot yet discovered?

Football players great at their sport, but not at academics, often receive scholarships more academically inclined students could put to good use.

Then again, there are those athelets who want to do well, but football takes up so much of their time they don't have a chance to study.

If that is thecase , why don't they just quit? I understand it is difficult to give up something you love, but what is more important, football or academics?

Academics of course. That's what will bring you success in life.

Football isn't even all that interesting. Who cares about a bunch of guys throwing a weird shaped ball around to each other? There is so much fuss about football in school, it is sometimes difficult to concentrate on work.

Annother problem often comes into play, popularity. It is a crime not to be a jock. Somegirls won't even looks at a guy who isn't one.

Then again those girls are often the "popular" girls. Football players are known to be with cheerleaders. I think it is ridiculous, but what does it matter?

It doesn't!

From what I learned in Dr. Jerz's class this is basically an editorial. In an editorial there are three elements. They are supposed to entertain, persuade, and/or inform. Now this article may entertain and may be TRYING to persuade the audience, but the journalist behind this article doesn't have any information to back herself up. I personally think that the editor and layout editor should have looked over this article twice before they published it. This article made me mad in a way. I'm not an athelet at all but in all actuality this editorial is this persons opinion and she really has no right to write this without good evidence. Dr. Jerz also taught us to see both sides and write about both sides but to still persuade your opinion. They didn't have any quotes and didn't have any evidence that backed up the story to why this is such a problem in the school and whatnot. I don't think this article is good and I would really like to know what people think about this article. If anyone wants to give feedback that'd be appreciated!!

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Samuels, Kindertransport -- Drama as Literature (EL 250)

Faith: Look at these remains. Where's the body for these feet? Tha hand for these fingers? Now they're just lost in the millions.

(couple lones later)

Faith: Did they die for you to forget?

I found this line very moving for me. It reminded me of senior year in high school when I had to read Night by Elie Wiesel for English for some reason. I thought that this showed a good refelction on what happened in the war. I thought that it was kind of hypocritical of Evelyn to keep wanting and saying that she forgot about her past but yet when she was about to rip up all the papers she could do it at first. She tried so hard to forget her past that she actually did convince herself that her past was nonexistent. I personally take offense to that though... Your past makes you who you are today... Maybe the reason Evelyn and her daughter don't really have that great of a relationship is because Evelyn didn't have a great one with her own mother.

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November 03, 2005

The Glass Menagerie Pt 2

Jim: Still I'm Awefully sorry that I was the cause.
Laura (smiling): I'll just imagine he had an operation. The horn was removed to make him feel less. freakish.

I feel at this part Laura is finally starting to let her guard down about her having a "defect". I think the reason why she is and was so insecure about it in the first place was because of her mother. But anyway, at this part I think that Laura isn't so worried about her appearance (I guess you can call it that?). She is starting to feel the same feelings for Jim that she once felt before and with that, joking around about the unicorn not having a horn anymore. Maybe that signifies that she isn't feeling so worried about her limp because Jim said he hardly noticed it in high school...

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November 01, 2005

The Glass Menagerie Pt 1

Williams, The Glass Menagerie (Scenes 1-5) -- Drama as Literature (EL 250)

Amanda: Tomorrow gives me no time!
Tom: Time for what?
Amanda: Preparations! Why didn'y you phone me at once, as soon as you asked him, the minute that he accepted? Then, don't you see, I could have been getting ready!

The Glass Menagerie was written after WW2. At first when I read this it surprised me that people at that time still cared about their appearance. I then remembered that people did because they want to look their best and everything. Some things in this play seem stereotypical and then some things seem like it would happen at this time.

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Chapter 6 and 7 in It Ain't Necessarily So

Chapter 6 talks about polls and how they are dishonest sometimes. It had examples of a question being asked and two polls said two different finalized answers. Reading this chapter made me realize that when I read polls and statistics over a general and broad audience that I will probably do research behind what the poll is in fact polling.

Chapter 7 talks about risks of information. I found this to be kind ofin between for me. What I mean by that is that some of the things they talked about in the chapter would probably scare me. There was an example about meat and E-coli. It said that the dangers of it can be lessend by cooking beef thoroughly enough. It made me think in between because like I said reading that example would probably scare me alittle but I've cooked beef many times as well as my family and I've never felt sick. While I'm eating the meat I'm not thinking constantly that I'm going to get E-coli. So for this chapter i felt in between and like i could understand both sides of the examples.

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Chapter 4 and 5 in It Ain't Necessarily So

"In the last thirty years we have spent immense sums in the hope of eradicating poverty and hunger; but because poverty and hunger have been measure through misleading proxies, those funds may often have been mistargeted" (It Ain't Necessarily So, 81)

I thought this quote grabbing my attention. I thought it interesting that because of proxies the funds were screwed up. Not too far after this quote it said " Often researchers measure the wrong thing. They can do this so because the "right thing" is an amorphous concept the's hard to pin down precisely.Or they can do so even when they know exactly when they know what the right thing is, but they cannot measure it directly" (It Ain't Necessarily So, 81). I couldn't find the words to describe the first quote and when I read this I felt that that was perfect. Researchers can't always have the right information because the information that they researched isn't always right.

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IT Ain't Necessarily So Chapt. 2 and 3

Chapter 2 in It Ain't Necessarily So talks about how headline news is sometimes ignored and how the unnewsworthy things sometimes would makegood headline stories. I found this to be interesting because, like how Jason showed in his presentation, not everything you read is the honest truth. Sometimes they even leave things out. I had someone from my graduating class pass away last week and I looked online for news stories and I thought it was interesting with how many mistakes I found. In one article they got the drivers first name wrong and in many other articles they could not identify the fourth person in the car (it was a car accident and there were four males in the car). In one article they left out one of the males completely! I remembred reading this chapter and that one exercise we did that Friday and just thought that I analyzed the stories more because of those two things that I remembered back then.

Chapter 3 talks about a lot of things. One of the things is bait and switch. The authors explained it with tomatoes saying that three tomatoes would be on sale for a dollar and the consumer is thinking of a ceratin kind of tomatoes. When you go to the store to buy them those certain kind aren't there but they'll do the same thing with a different kind of tomato. They explained as people try to get you to purchase an inferior item at a higher price.

Another thing chapter 3 talks about is underreporting. The suthors described it as when an incident happens so someone and they don't report it because they don't think that the criminal will get caught. The authors said that fear and shame would keep the victims silent. Reading that made me think that all statistics aren't, in fact, honest and truthful because if so many people aren't reporting their incidents to the authorities then the stastics aren't right. They're only thought to be right from the people who actually have confessed and reported it.

This chapter also talkd about domestic assault, rape, and family abductions. It is like what Chris said in his presentation, how can we really define these three terms? Reading these three sections had me thinking that if reporters only put in the first half in their stories about all three things then the three terms above would seem pretty serious. But it varies from state to state and everyone has their own definiton on all three terms. For family abductions it said that families abduct children more than strangers do. They explained it by saying that if you bring a child more than twenty feet from the spot they were in or take them for more than an hour that would be considered a kidnap. I think that is kind of insane personally but if that part was left out and I didn't know that I would probably think that the families were having problems or something and the parents wanted to get back at each other through the kid. I learned basically that you have to really do your reserach on things before you put in down on paper.

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