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November 01, 2005

Chapter 4 and 5 in It Ain't Necessarily So

"In the last thirty years we have spent immense sums in the hope of eradicating poverty and hunger; but because poverty and hunger have been measure through misleading proxies, those funds may often have been mistargeted" (It Ain't Necessarily So, 81)

I thought this quote grabbing my attention. I thought it interesting that because of proxies the funds were screwed up. Not too far after this quote it said " Often researchers measure the wrong thing. They can do this so because the "right thing" is an amorphous concept the's hard to pin down precisely.Or they can do so even when they know exactly when they know what the right thing is, but they cannot measure it directly" (It Ain't Necessarily So, 81). I couldn't find the words to describe the first quote and when I read this I felt that that was perfect. Researchers can't always have the right information because the information that they researched isn't always right.

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