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November 13, 2005


Wilson, Fences -- Drama as Literature (EL 250)

Troy: You gotta take the crookeds with the straights.

I really liked this play. I didn't understand it at first but when I started reading it I got it. I liked so lines about this play but this is the one I chose. I can relate this to everyday life (and I think everyone else can too). The way I saw it, I looked at this saying that life isn't perfect. There will be many flaws about you and your life and you have to overpower them and get past them successfully to grow. I felt mixed emotions for Troy.

When he said things to Cory like how he doesn't have to love him he just had to raise him, he didn't have to care about him, it reminded me of when I talk to my dad. He'll say I love you and I'll joke around syaing you have to but he'll say I don't have to I choose to. It reminded me SOOO much of that. But at other times I felt bad because he never got to play baseball because he was too old. It made me feel bad for him because that was what he wanted to do more than anything. I think he didn't let his son play football in college because he didn't want to have him become more successful than him. I mean he's a garbage man and his son could become a good football player.

I also thought that he treated his son poorly because his father never really cared for him. His father treated Troy the same exact way Troy treats Cory. Another thing I hated was that he cheated on Rose. There's nothing more I dislike than a cheater. It's just really shallow to me and that made me not like him as a character.

Posted by DanielleMeyer at November 13, 2005 11:46 PM


Danielle, I feel bad that Troy never got to play baseball in the major leagues as well. There's times in the play that it seems like Troy is being greedy. What I mean by that is that he isn't letting Cory have a chance to be successful at sports because he didn't have the chance to play. Other times in the play I feel pity for him and wish that he could have had the opportunity. I think that the reason I have different opinions of Troy is because he's not quite sure who he is inside. He doesn't like where he's at in life and doesn't know how to get out of the hole that he dug himself into.

Posted by: Andy LoNigro at November 28, 2005 03:50 PM

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