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November 01, 2005

IT Ain't Necessarily So Chapt. 2 and 3

Chapter 2 in It Ain't Necessarily So talks about how headline news is sometimes ignored and how the unnewsworthy things sometimes would makegood headline stories. I found this to be interesting because, like how Jason showed in his presentation, not everything you read is the honest truth. Sometimes they even leave things out. I had someone from my graduating class pass away last week and I looked online for news stories and I thought it was interesting with how many mistakes I found. In one article they got the drivers first name wrong and in many other articles they could not identify the fourth person in the car (it was a car accident and there were four males in the car). In one article they left out one of the males completely! I remembred reading this chapter and that one exercise we did that Friday and just thought that I analyzed the stories more because of those two things that I remembered back then.

Chapter 3 talks about a lot of things. One of the things is bait and switch. The authors explained it with tomatoes saying that three tomatoes would be on sale for a dollar and the consumer is thinking of a ceratin kind of tomatoes. When you go to the store to buy them those certain kind aren't there but they'll do the same thing with a different kind of tomato. They explained as people try to get you to purchase an inferior item at a higher price.

Another thing chapter 3 talks about is underreporting. The suthors described it as when an incident happens so someone and they don't report it because they don't think that the criminal will get caught. The authors said that fear and shame would keep the victims silent. Reading that made me think that all statistics aren't, in fact, honest and truthful because if so many people aren't reporting their incidents to the authorities then the stastics aren't right. They're only thought to be right from the people who actually have confessed and reported it.

This chapter also talkd about domestic assault, rape, and family abductions. It is like what Chris said in his presentation, how can we really define these three terms? Reading these three sections had me thinking that if reporters only put in the first half in their stories about all three things then the three terms above would seem pretty serious. But it varies from state to state and everyone has their own definiton on all three terms. For family abductions it said that families abduct children more than strangers do. They explained it by saying that if you bring a child more than twenty feet from the spot they were in or take them for more than an hour that would be considered a kidnap. I think that is kind of insane personally but if that part was left out and I didn't know that I would probably think that the families were having problems or something and the parents wanted to get back at each other through the kid. I learned basically that you have to really do your reserach on things before you put in down on paper.

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