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November 12, 2005

Kindertransport the play

I saw Kindertransport on Friday, the 11th. I thought that it was pretty well done. When I read the play for class I didn't expect the set to look the way it would. It still looked good though. I liked how the flashbacks and the present time went together on stage. SOme of the flashbacks were a little hard to believe (when little Eva was on the Kindertransport going to England) but I forced myself to imagine it as a train. The ratcatcher was really good. Even though you don't see him, the voice was good. They had a shadow of him on the wall and the shadow looked really scary in a way.

One thing that did bother me was the English accent of Faith. Lorin said she was the closest to the accent but when she said her "I's" it just made me mad. I know nothing is going to be perfect but it still bothered me.

I LOVED Helga. She made me feel emotional the most. Especially with the part where she says goodbye to Evelyn. It was just so perfect. During that part the audience was so quiet so you could tell that that was a really good scene. I also LOVED her accent. She had such a flowy accent. I just loved everything about her.

Overall I thought it was a really good play. However, I think I got more emotion out of reading the play rather than watch it. I think I got more emotion out of reading it was because when I read something that I REALLY enjoy I make clear pictures in my head of whats going on and I imagine everything in my head to what I'm reading. I think I imagined the emotion more than they portrayed in the play.

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