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November 17, 2005

We the Media Chap 3 - 5

"Blogging provides a unique means of providing your audience with the human face of your organization. Your customers can read the actual thoughts and opinions of your staff." (71)

I thought this was kind of funny because it reminded me of when the Drama as Literature class has to blog for Dr. Jerz. It's like hes our manager and the students are his faculty workers. He gives us a play to read and we comment on it and leave comments on other peoples blogs as well. I thought that this also linked to my other blog (Intro, and chap 1 and 2) because there I talked about one individual blog. This comment has to do with blogging for a corporation or something of the like. For Drama as Lit class we're all blogging about the same thing. We just have a different thing to talk about but we'll agree (or disagree sometimes) on certain things people say. Blogging is like a conversation just not verbally saying it.

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