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November 17, 2005

We the Media (Chap 6 - 8)

"More and more journalism is going to be owned by the audience," said Jeff Jarvis, a prolific blogger, who heads Advance Publications' Advance.net online operation. "That doesn't mean there isn't a palce for pro-journalists, who will always be there - who need to be there - to gather facts, ask questions with some measure of discipline and pull together a larger audience." (111)

I liked this quote in chapter 6 a lot. The way I took this quote was that the audience is going to start turning to be the media as well. Since blogging is starting to become more and more popular (and a lot of blogs are about newsworthy things) then journalism will start to get owned by the audience. Even though the audience is starting to gain some of the journalism light, that doesn't mean that professional journalists won't have jobs.

"No matter which tolls and technologies we embrace, we must maintain core principles, including fairness, accuracy, and thouroughness. These are not afterthoughts. They are essential if professional journalism expects to survive. (134)

I liked this quote from chapter 7 as well. When I was a spohomore in high school, I was in the school newspaper for that year. Now even though it led me to not like writing in a journalistic way, that was a lesson that I learned and have used when I wrote articles for this class. And at the same time, the audience relies on journalists to know what they are talking about. They expect that they check their facts twice and make sure that they are accurate and truthful. Journalists know that is is their job to give the audience the truth. Like we discussed in class not everyone is going to believe that online media is truthful, especially if it comes from bloggers. There is a reason that journalists have a job. It is their job to get the facts, not the audience.

"One of the main criticism of blogs is that so many are self absorbed tripe. No doubt, most are interesting only to the writer, plus some family and friends." (139)

I thought this was just such an ironic quote since it sid its absorbed tripe. In class we talked about people not trusting blogging as much as print journalism because blogging journalism is going to be biased. The blogger will write something that appeals to their interest and other people might not care. That kind of reminds me of people who have livejournals and any other kind of online journal because they write about what they want to. Some people don't really care what people have in their onine journals. That is why I think it is so critical to have journalists know that their job is important and the audience as a society does count on them for newsworthy information to know whats going on across the world.

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