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November 06, 2005


Yesterday my boyfriend showed me this article that was published in our high school newspaper that is causing a lot of controversy in the school. It was a commentary article. I will type out what the article said and then I will say what I thought of it.

Nowadays, people throughout the school district view football players as dumb jocks. Is that really true?

Yes, it is. Jocks, nomatter how offensive the name may be, don't always work as hard at academics as the rest of the student body. The ride through on their sports and think that is all that matters. I don't think so.

I am not saying all jocks are like that, but most football players are. Is it some kind of disease n ot yet discovered?

Football players great at their sport, but not at academics, often receive scholarships more academically inclined students could put to good use.

Then again, there are those athelets who want to do well, but football takes up so much of their time they don't have a chance to study.

If that is thecase , why don't they just quit? I understand it is difficult to give up something you love, but what is more important, football or academics?

Academics of course. That's what will bring you success in life.

Football isn't even all that interesting. Who cares about a bunch of guys throwing a weird shaped ball around to each other? There is so much fuss about football in school, it is sometimes difficult to concentrate on work.

Annother problem often comes into play, popularity. It is a crime not to be a jock. Somegirls won't even looks at a guy who isn't one.

Then again those girls are often the "popular" girls. Football players are known to be with cheerleaders. I think it is ridiculous, but what does it matter?

It doesn't!

From what I learned in Dr. Jerz's class this is basically an editorial. In an editorial there are three elements. They are supposed to entertain, persuade, and/or inform. Now this article may entertain and may be TRYING to persuade the audience, but the journalist behind this article doesn't have any information to back herself up. I personally think that the editor and layout editor should have looked over this article twice before they published it. This article made me mad in a way. I'm not an athelet at all but in all actuality this editorial is this persons opinion and she really has no right to write this without good evidence. Dr. Jerz also taught us to see both sides and write about both sides but to still persuade your opinion. They didn't have any quotes and didn't have any evidence that backed up the story to why this is such a problem in the school and whatnot. I don't think this article is good and I would really like to know what people think about this article. If anyone wants to give feedback that'd be appreciated!!

Posted by DanielleMeyer at November 6, 2005 07:57 PM


Well Danielle, I found your article very interesting and like you, I was very surprised to find out that it was published. I was curious and I looked up statistics and came across interesting facts. NCAA posted an article called, "Academics and Articles" I hope you look it over and maybe it will get back to your hugh school newspaper and they will realize that they should have done some research before publishing that biased article.

Posted by: Gina Burgese at November 7, 2005 12:52 AM

Personnaly I think that sportsmen at school get their scores for their sport results. they just don't have enough time to study as hard as the rest of the students.

Posted by: Alex at February 19, 2006 02:58 PM

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