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February 07, 2006

Forster "The Machine Stops"

This story kind of reminded me of the movie Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow. Don't ask me why it just did. I don't know what it was based off of but there were like flying robots and there was a air base that was like a ship that carries planes (would that be a carrier? I don't know lol) The movie is futuristic like that.

"The machine is much but it is not eveything."

I pretty much agree with this sentence. A machine (whatever it is) is much but it is not everything. The first machine-like thing that I thought of was a computer. I know that I'm on my laptop all the time. It keeps me in contact with my friends from home, some family members and I have the Internet. But I know that I don't have to IM my friends and family and look for things on the internet. I can mail them letters and use a phone book to find things that I really need to find.

"People never touched one another the custom had become obsolete owing to the machine."

I think that Forster predicted AIM as we know it today. I mean yeah I hang out with my friends a lot here at SHU and when I'm home with my friends I hang out with them too but I talk to them more over AIM than I see them probably.

"All the fear and the superstition that existed once have been destroyed by the machine."

I disagree with this in the sense of computers. There are many fears and warnings for people on computers. Never meet people online. It's common sense but for some reason people still do it. I don't really know of any superstitions with other things.

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