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February 27, 2006




This was the first entry of the year. I wrote about how new and old writers have to compete through their books.

Foster chapt. 19 and 20

Here I talked about how I noticed setting of place instead of person when I read.

Foster chapt 10 and 12

Here I talked about depression.

How to Build a Fire

Here I talked about depression again, relating it to my other blog about Foster.

The Love Song

I wrote here that I thought the poem was about procrastination, analysis, and confusion. I also had a hard time understanding this poem.

Antony and Cleopatra part 1

Here I wrote how I got a little annoyed of Cleopatra and how she reminded me of those high school girls that like the attention but do nothing about the people she gets the attention from


I wrote here about how Cleopatra wanted to die easy and painless.


Bernice Bobs Her Hair

Here I talked about how a certain line shows how Bernice feels about herself and what Marjorie does in the end of the story.


The Raven

Here I talked about how Coleridge represented life and symbolixed in ways that I thought of.

Antony and Cleopatra part 2

I vented here about how I don't really feel bad that she and Antony died.

Home (Blank Verse activity)

Here we had to make up blank verse. It took me a half hour to come up with this so I'm really proud of what I come out with.

Foster chapt. 11 and 13

I picked out a quote from each chapter and wrote what I thought.


The Machine Stops

I put in three quotes (two that I agreed with and one that I didn't) and gave my reasons.

Three Poems

Here were the first three poems that we got assigned to read. I had trouble understanding them but I expressed what I thought.

Five Poems

We got assigned these five poems after the first three. I had trouble trying to analyze the first three so when I got these five, the first two were too easy. The last three I liked a lot.

Raven Academic Article

I talked about color symbolism, time, and about the author's family past.


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SHU and Home

I was lying down and trying to go to sleep when I thought of how ironic school is. Read to find out more.

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