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February 26, 2006

Wilcard - SHU making another Family of Friends -

Firstly I want to say that Andy did a very good job playing "Boston" on the piano i class last Friday. Don't be embarrased. You have talent and it should be shown.

So lately I've been thinking about me being at Seton Hill. This wasn't even my first choice college. I wanted to go to Neumann College which was about a half hour from Philadelphia because it wouldn't be too far from hom and I didn't want to be far from home. Then I realized that Seton Hill had a MUCH better creative writing program then Neumann so I came here instead. I was laying in a wooden cabin last night on a comfy bed thinking what if I went to Nuemann and not here. I wouldn't have met everyone here that I love. It's just funny how things work out for the better. I've certainly experienced a lot and have made a lot of memories. It's just weird. All the friends that I have here at SHU... we're from all different parts of the country (and some from other countries) and school brought all together. We've all found in each other a friend and it's just weird that school does that to people. That was the main reason why I loved going to high school so much. I saw my six best friends 6 days a week (not Sunday except for certain times). It's also de ja vu ish how the friends I have here remind me SO much of my friends from home. I can see my best friend Dominick in one of the guy friends that I have here at school. What's even better is that the people here do tings that I probably would never do with my friends at home. I find that to be better in some ways because it's new experiences. I've found a family in those six friends from home and then in the family that I came across in the Drama Club at High school. Now I found another family of friends here at school. People look at school as a bad thing because it's boring and people learn something that might seem pointless for the future but it has it's advantages and it's good points. It brings us friends, a bond, memories, and most importantly family. I'm pretty much thankful and grateful that I came here to SHU because I don't think I'd want to meet any other people in the world to have as a family of friends than the ones I have now.

Posted by DanielleMeyer at February 26, 2006 06:20 PM


I'm glad to know you've found your place at SHU! Freshman year is an important time for forming new bonds.

Posted by: Dennis G. Jerz at February 27, 2006 04:21 PM

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