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March 21, 2006

Eats, Shoots & Leaves 2

"The first printed semicolon was the work of good old Aldus Manitius just two years after Columbus sailed to the New Worl, and at the same date and place as the invention od double-entry book-keeping. But although I still swoon every time I look at this particular semicolon from 1494, it was not, as it turns out, the first time a human being ever balanced a dot on top of a comma..."

This was something I never knew before so I thought it was interesting... nothing much more to that lol.

"In each of the following examples, incidentally, can't you hear a delighted, satisfied"Yes!" where the colon comes?

Tom had only one rule in life: never eat anything bigger than your head.
(Tom had only one rule in life -- yes!never eat anything bigger than your head.)\

As well as the "Yes!" type colon, there is the "Ah" type, when the colon reminds us there is probably more to the initial statement than has met the eye:

I love Opal Fruits as a child: no one else did.
(I loved Opal Fruits -- ah, but nobody else did.)"

I liked these two examples because I could really tell the difference between the "yes" sentences and the "ah sentences. It depends on how the sentence is written and what words signify either reaction.

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